Stories seem to suggest the Americans captured by Russian forces in Ukraine were given up by those they trusted.

Tyler S. Farley

This story is being downplayed in the mainstream media, mostly because it can quickly devolve into an international nightmare for American and their western allies.

Three Americans, all former military members, have been captured by Russian forces as they fought in Ukraine.

Early on in the Ukraine conflict, we know that Ukrainian forces were accepting almost any male of fighting age to come join the military. While this did attract those with good intentions, such as the Americans now captured, it also attracted many spies to join the ranks.

One thing the media and the military has been silent on is the fact that the hastily put together Ukrainian fighting force is filled with spies from Russia and other separatist groups in the region. This is how western weapons caches were easily targeted by Russian forces, as were camps hosting foreign fighters.

The truth is, nobody truly knows all the players in the Ukrainian situation right now. Anyone in the media who says this is all just “Ukraine vs Russia” is either clueless or lying to you. There are countless parties involved, and many on the ground in Ukraine don’t even know all the players.

There are separatist groups affiliated with Russia, some strongly and some not so strongly. Even within the Ukrainian forces there are splinter groups fighting for various reasons and outcomes that may not be in line with official policy.

So this brings us to the stories of the Americans that were captured. According to reports, they were fighting alongside a mechanized brigade when they came under heavy fire. In the case of two Americans captured, they went missing, and later searches did not turn up their bodies. But subsequent photos have now been released showing them in captivity by Russian forces.

As mentioned earlier, America is being pretty tight lipped on this story. But based on interviews, the story seems to be that the two American soldiers were ordered to cover a retreat. So basically, they were told to stay behind while the rest of their team retreated. After a while, they lost contact with their fellow soldiers and were ultimately captured.

So while on the surface, it may seem that they were captured simply fighting for Ukrainian forces, it’s very likely someone they met along the way sold them out, along with their location. The stories being told suggests they were told to “stay behind” which was really just so they could be captured.

Foreign fighters, especially American or western fighters, stick out like a sore thumb in Ukraine. They are also highly prized by the enemy if captured. The number of groups and factions in the area is far too great for someone along the way not to have taken note of these soldiers, and for any number of reasons, relayed that information.

It’s highly likely they were sold out and captured without much of a fight at all. Enemy forces knew where they were, and they knew who to target. The story of them being in heavy fighting may very likely be false, and is being used as a cover by those who sold them out. The last thing Zelensky wants is for his sugar daddy America to hear that they are selling out American soldiers.

Now let me clear, I’m not questioning the bravery of the American fighters. I think in their hearts, they were doing what they thought was right, and they risked a lot to do so. However, in proxy wars like this, there are never two distinct sides. There is never a good guy vs a bad guy. Everyone involved has their own motivations and goals. You can’t trust anyone. And being a foreigner in a foreign land puts you at a huge disadvantage, and ripe to be exploited and sold out.

Thankfully, these men have value as a bargaining chip for Russian forces, so this will most likely save their lives as they will be traded at some point as part of some deal in the future. But the whole situation shows the complexity of war, and how things are rarely what they seem.

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