Red flag laws will be used against those who don’t even own guns. Just the ability to buy a gun in the future will put you in the crosshairs of red flag laws.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s been rumors for some time that the Democratic establishment doesn’t really want new gun control measures. Those are just a smoke screen and a bargaining chip they intend to give away freely in order to get their real prize, red flag laws.

Red flag laws may seem sensible on the surface, but the problem is, such laws mostly exist. People with violent histories, severe mental health issues, or criminal backgrounds already can’t own firearms. So simply enforcing the laws already on the books fulfills most of the criteria of red flag laws.

But that’s not the goal. Red flag laws won’t only apply to those who own guns, they can apply to anyone who has the ability to buy a gun at any time in the future. This means that red flag laws will cover the entire adult population of America, whether they own a gun or not.

That’s why red flag laws are the holy grail of the establishment. They will create a mechanism to side-step regular constitutional civil liberties. And as mentioned earlier, they will apply to every adult whether they own a gun or not.

These laws are also not covered by the second amendment, so while starting off mostly harmless, they will be added to, year after year to encompass more and more activities and more and more Americans.

It will create a database of “problematic” Americans. The criteria for which will be mostly secret, as will the list itself. Nobody will know if they are even on the list until they realize their rights have been stripped away.

This is why red flag laws are the most coveted gun control measure. They are meant to cover every American and be used for any reason.

So whether you own a gun or not, red flag laws are a violation of your constitutional rights. Simply the ability to own a gun in the future is enough to cause you to fall under these draconian and tyrannical statutes.

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