The media conveniently ignores that election fraud to most people means more than just fraudulent ballots, it also includes how the media, big tech, and the FBI conspired to promote one candidate.

Tyler S. Farley

As the Democrats continue to implode by pushing their January 6th hearings during the worst economic downturn in recent memory, there’s one thing you hear over and over again in the media.

They keep mentioning “election fraud conspiracies” in the hopes that somehow the public will disregard the very popular position that election fraud does indeed take place, and it took place in 2020.

But what the media has ignored, is that for a majority of people claims of election fraud are about more than just fake ballots or fraudulent mail-in votes. Instead, it encompasses an entire media and establishment ecosystem which conspired to smear one candidate, and protect another.

It is now well established that the mainstream media, social media platforms, and even the FBI all conspired to protect Biden and demonize Trump. This is not a debate anymore, and even mainstream moderate figures like Elon Musk are fully onboard with the fact that all of this happened.

The point is, that’s election fraud as well. When the media and even the FBI work together to smear one candidate and protect the other, it’s election fraud. The establishment powers are intentionally tinkering with the election to push it in the direction they want it to go.

A perfect example is the Hunter Biden laptop story. Something that has now been accepted by every media outlet to be 100% true, despite them saying it was all lies before the election.

The media, social media platforms, the FBI, and even the CIA all worked together to falsely debunk the story and then bury it before the election. Only after the election did all those institutions finally admit the contents of the laptop were accurate.

This is election fraud, it’s clear cut, and it’s admitted by those who perpetrated it. This is the truth when it comes to election fraud, and it’s what the media ignores when they try to paint with a broad brush using the term “election conspiracies” pretending they only apply to fake votes.

This is also why you hear the mainstream media constantly say that they are “protecting democracy”, when in fact, they are protecting their ability to control democracy. That’s what they fear is under the attack. They know the public is wise to them and their election meddling, so they cry about democracy when in reality they are fearful of losing their control over it.

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