Amazon hosts all of the CIA’s computer infrastructure. They just signed a $10 billion contract with the NSA. But don’t worry, they’re a totally normal company that started as a bookstore.

Tyler S. Farley

If Amazon didn’t start out as a front for intelligence agencies, it certainly has become that, or at least it would seem that way.

Amazon comes from very humble beginnings, so much so that Jeff Bezos was famously interviewed years ago in his “office” that was so comically amateur, it had a spray painted company sign adorning the wall and a table made out of scrap wood.

It seems a little over-the-top and likely staged to “prove” humble beginnings. Similar to how Facebook was sold as being created in a college dorm despite being a DARPA project named Life Log.

Jeff Bezos in his “office” in the late 90’s.

Of course, the office makes sense when we remember how frugal Jeff Bezos is.

Yacht owned by Jeff Bezos

Amazon started out selling used paperback books and other books online, generally cheaper than popular brick and mortar bookstores. Nothing too out of the ordinary there, many online businesses have displaced retail businesses.

But what is weird is that Amazon never turned a profit, not even close for all those years. Well, not until for some reason, the online book seller became the largest host of cloud computer servers known as AWS, with many of the world’s largest companies running their entire businesses on them.

One of those “businesses” happened to be the CIA. Which signed a $600 million contract with Amazon to host all of their computer infrastructure. Conveniently on the same cloud as many legitimate businesses. It was not until this CIA contract that Amazon was finally able to post a profit.

How exactly a company goes from selling books to hosting the CIA’s entire computer infrastructure is suspicious enough. It’s like if 10 years from now, Barnes & Noble was making fighter jets for the Pentagon and everybody assumed that was totally normal.

But now, a new deal has emerged. The NSA just signed a $10 billion contract with Amazon. But with this deal, the details are unknown and being kept secret for “national security”.

For those unaware, a $10 billion contract is big, even by federal government standards. Such amounts are usually reserved for large military contracts involving cutting edge weapons and vehicles, not simple technology services.

So Amazon, which once again started out as an online bookstore, now hosts not only the CIA, but is also a technology partner with the NSA. So much so, that the details of the partnership have to be kept secret.

One has to ask at this point, was Amazon ever really a real company? Or was it always a government front? Has any other company gone from unprofitable book-seller to intelligence agency partner, working with the CIA and the NSA to the tune of billions of dollars a year?

It’s almost comical when you look at the trajectory of Amazon. Similar to something you would see from a CCP controlled company in China with obvious ties to the state.

But at least those in China realize it’s all an act. Here in America, we still think it’s all legitimate.

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