Hunter’s laptop will be how they oust Joe Biden now that he’s served his purpose.

Tyler S. Farley

I think it’s become clear that Biden was simply installed so that America, and to some degree the world, could be rearranged in short order.

That was a conspiracy theory, but as with most things over the past few years, it’s now a mainstream belief.

But one of the questions that has always lingered was how are the people behind Biden’s phony presidency going to oust him once he’s served his purpose.

Well, here comes Hunter’s laptop.

What was once called phony Russian disinformation has now become the main topic of those same news outlets which once called it fake.

If you know anything about the mainstream news, when they turn on one of their beloved political darlings, it usually means that person is about to get thrown under the bus. Remember Cuomo? Once NY Governor Cuomo served his purpose pumping up the COVID pandemic, it was time to oust him. And that’s exactly what happened.

In the modern Democratic party, once you’ve served your purpose, you and your family get thrown to the wolves.

Biden’s legacy appears to be shaping up the same way. CNN and The New York times have all started to latch on to the Hunter laptop story. They’re just preparing the public for when Hunter is indicted on federal charges.

That will set the stage for Joe Biden’s downfall. He’ll have to pardon Hunter. He may even do it before his term is fully over. However, the friendly DOJ will likely stall long enough to allow Biden to not have to act until the end of his term.

By then, the public will know all the details of Hunter’s shady business dealings. They’ll also know Joe Biden was well aware of all it. The final nail in the coffin will be when he pardon’s his own son, essentially admitting all the charges are true.

That’s how the Joe Biden story ends. He was installed through mail-in ballots, and he’ll be ousted by his own family’s corruption now that he’s served his purpose.

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