Just a few months ago the Pentagon reported Russia had hypersonic missiles far beyond U.S. technology. Now they claim the Russian army is running out of bullets and gas.

Tyler S. Farley

This is one of the situations where both lies can’t be true.

That same situation seems to be happening over and over again, as the media and the establishment narrative switches between two incompatible versions of events.

If you remember, just a few months ago, the Pentagon was asking for more money because they claimed Russia (and China) had developed hypersonic missile technology far beyond what America had.

For those unaware, hypersonic missiles are a new type of technology which allows them to travel at speeds of 5X the speed of sound and still maneuver and change course.

Look at this Washington Post Op-Ed from right before the Russian invasion. It says Russia has surpassed the U.S. in this critical new field of military technology.

From the Washington Post:

The Pentagon has “a lot of catching up to do,” Gen. David D. Thompson, vice chief of space operations, said at the Halifax International Security Forum in November. He cautioned that the U.S. military is “not as advanced as the Chinese or the Russians in terms of hypersonic programs.”

But boy have things changed.

Now those same Pentagon officials along with their puppets in the media are claiming Russia’s military is a joke. Reports out this week say they will run out of bullets in less than two weeks due to the invasion of Ukraine. This is all on top of reports their soldiers are not even real soldiers and their tanks are running out of gas.

So I ask you, can these two narratives coexist? Can it be that just a few weeks ago Russia was far ahead of the U.S. military and able to build their forces much more efficiently, yet today they have already run out of bullets?

Of course not, that’s why you know it’s all fake. Chances are both claims are fake. The hypersonic missile hysteria is a simple ploy to get Pentagon budget increases, and the current fairy tale about Russia running out of gas or bullets is classic war propaganda.

This is how they portray everything, one minute as a high risk, the other as a total dud. Remember when Trump was either portrayed as an evil genius who scammed the world, then the next they painted him as a bungling fool who watched the “gorilla channel”.

Same with Putin. Sometimes the media refers to him as an evil genius who infiltrated the entire U.S. election system or controlled Canadian truckers to trick them into protesting. Then the next moment he’s portrayed as a fool who is hiding in a bunker and can’t command his army.

The lies and propaganda are so obvious, that a simple examination of the headlines from week to week will expose most of it. None of it makes any sense when viewed together, but that’s what they count on. They simply jump from lie to lie, crisis to crisis, so nobody ever has time to stop and realize the last lie has already been exposed.

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