The media won’t tell you this, but those in charge of fiscal policy have no choice but to crash the economy to fight inflation.

Tyler S. Farley

This is pretty basic economic stuff, but the vast majority of Americans watching the news probably don’t fully realize it.

That’s not a knock on everyday Americans. Getting into even the minor details of the economy and monetary policy is no easy task. Combine that with all the fakery and manipulation, and most Americans are probably smart to simply avoid it all and focus on other things.

However, the media is very much to blame for all of this as well. As we’ve seen with inflation which they tried to portray as “transitory”. Or even NBC News which aired a segment that stated Americans can easily afford increased inflation. Worse yet, CNBC was caught trying to promote the idea that inflation is actually good and will increase wages.

Of course, all of this total nonsense even for those with just a cursory understanding of economics and finance.

But what they are doing now is most troubling and it’s setting the majority of the public up for a giant shock when this whole thing finally does play out.

The media is trying to portray inflation as a symptom of a “bad economy”. News reports often remark that an improving economy will ease the burden of higher prices. This may seem logical to those not paying attention. As the economy improves, it should be easier to absorb a few higher prices here and there. However, that’s the complete opposite of how things actually work.

An improving economy will actually increase inflation. It’s a basic fact that economic activity increases inflation, not the other way around. When inflation is somewhat normal, increased economic activity is welcomed because the extra inflation is acceptable in return for all the other benefits of an expanding economy. However, when inflation is already at record highs with no sign of slowing, increasing economic activity is seen as catastrophic.

And that’s the dirty secret in all this. Everyone who sets monetary and fiscal policy knows this too well. That’s why they all know they have to create a recession to keep inflation in check. The problem is, they painted themselves into a corner and a recession will most likely quickly deteriorate into a depression given the current situation.

This is what the media won’t tell you. The people in charge are actively trying to create a recession, but without it quickly developing into a depression. So even if they succeed, which they won’t, the American public still gets a recession no matter what. And all of this after tens of millions of people lost all their savings already due to the lockdowns.

So there are literally meetings taking place right now among appointed officials discussing how to crash the economy¬† in a “safe” way. That’s not a conspiracy, it’s a simple economic fact. Even former NY Fed official and current market analyst Zoltan Polzar who believes the Fed most likely needs to create volatility and crash the market.

So basically, all the real players in the game know the economy, and most markets are about to be crashed intentionally. But as usual, the public will be the ones left holding the bag when it all goes down.

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