The New York Times is kicking off the vaccine rug-pull. Reports CDC withheld “large portions” of clinical data. They’re setting you up for the reveal.

Tyler S. Farley

Despite being just a theory, the idea of a vaccine rug-pull type of event seems to be becoming more and more a reality everyday.

Little by little, the media gatekeepers who once flooded us all with constant propaganda about how great and safe the vaccine was, are suddenly shifting their tone. Day by day, they’re releasing little breadcrumbs that suggest there is some trove of data out there that will suddenly flip the whole vaccine narrative on its head.

The latest is The New York Times which published a rather bombshell article. Shocking not only for its attack on the once celebrated CDC, but also due to the statistics it revealed.

In the article, it states that although the CDC released its biggest data set on the effectiveness of booster shots 2 weeks ago, they refused to share most data on 18-49 year olds, a group which the CDC told to get booster shots.

They also withheld information on child hospitalizations according to the report. Mind you, this is after they tried to tell everyone to get their kids vaccinated.

The reasons for this omission should be obvious, the data didn’t jive with what the CDC has been telling us. Not only that, it most likely runs completely contrary to it.

All of this is no surprise to the people who have been following this vaccine debacle closely, or the pandemic in general. However, for the “normies” out there who fell hook, line, and sinker for the CDC and the church of Fauci, this is the set up for the ultimate rug-pull.

They are setting the stage, letting people know there is a wealth of data out there that you haven’t seen. They are also letting you know it runs contrary to everything you’ve heard before. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

It’s not just efficacy either, safety information is being treated the same way. Little by little, hints are being dropped that new safety data once withheld will soon come to light. We reported how Pfizer did just that with their recently released investor information. Tucked away in the earnings report they stated negative trial data may come to light, hurting profits.

So while the full rug-pull hasn’t happened yet, it’s impossible to ignore the warning signs that it’s coming. All the big players like The New York Times and even Pfizer are all on board now setting the stage. They are slowly preparing the public for the inevitable rug-pull that’s likely not that far away.

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