Threatening your finances and banking will be the norm. It already started with General Flynn and Mike Lindell. Now Canada is doing it to regular blue collar folks.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s a reason the Freedom Convoy has become an international event so disruptive that Justin Trudeau wants to use a never-before used law meant only for wartime.

Establishment governments around the world are looking to cement their place as completely beyond any formal criticism. You are free to mumble and curse under your breath, but once you bring any grievance to the forefront in a meaningful way, the hammer will come down.

The latest tool they seem to be normalizing is the threatening of personal finances for those that dare question the government or have opinions outside of the mainstream.

Here in America, it already happened with General Flynn and Mike Lindell. Both happened to believe in election fraud claims, something they are legally allowed to do. However, both men have had their banking threatened and cancelled. In the case of Flynn, it was his personal banking accounts that were cancelled.

After an uproar, Chase later said it was all a mistake in the case of General Flynn.

But the message was already sent. Your money is not safe once you start to voice your opinions if they run counter to the official narrative.

But now Canada has gone a step further. Instead of high profile figures, they are going after blue collar workers who are lawfully protesting.

To be fair, this site was critical of certain elements of the BLM protests of 2020. However, we would NEVER endorse or condone any lawful BLM protestor have their personal bank account or property seized.

If lawful BLM protestors were being threatened with having their bank accounts and vehicles seized, we would be writing articles about that as well.

What’s happening in Canada is a clear escalation by the government to exert its authority over anyone who dares question it. These powers to seize money without any court hearing or due process is only reserved for the most dire of situations, such as war where the very sovereignty of the nation is at stake.

But that shows you how the Canadian government and others who support their actions feel about peaceful dissent. They see it as an attack similar to war or a physical invasion. It’s pure insanity really, but they claim it’s the truckers who are being irrational.

So this may very well be a turning point where new threats to those who dare disagree with government policy start to become the norm. The only question is how long it will take for this to work its way to other western nations.

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