Canada just proved that if your money isn’t free, you’re not free. That’s why you can’t move a penny without it being recorded by the government.

Tyler S. Farley

Canada just proved an old saying true. That being if your money isn’t free, you’re not free either.

When the government can simply seize or threaten to seize your money, you are no more free than a citizen in China or any third world dictatorship.

Just last week we wrote about how dangerous these “state of emergency” loopholes are. Not more than a few days later Prime Minister Trudeau proved us right by making the unprecedented move of declaring such an event in Canada.

In doing so, his main goal is to go after the money and livelihood of the protesters. Openly threatening all protestors that their money, their license, and their vehicles can now all be seized.

What’s the point of even having laws and a democracy if the leader can simply flip a switch and gain full authoritarian powers? It means your rights and your protections are all just an illusion. You have them when you don’t need them, but once required, they simply vanish under an “emergency declaration”.

It’s like buying an insurance policy for your house that makes all sorts of promises to protect you, but deep within the fine print it says that this policy can be revoked at any time and for any reason, and no benefits will be paid. You would never pay for a policy like that, but yet here we are, our most basic freedoms are just as phony as that hypothetical insurance policy.

This is also why cryptocurrency is such a threat to the establishment. Never before has there been a way to easily store and move large sums of cash without governments being able to stop it or intervene. Crypto like Bitcoin may not be untraceable, but it cannot simply be taken by the government on a whim if stored properly. Other privacy based cryptocurrencies provide even more protection.

But a move to crypto is likely far away, and doesn’t help those dealing with these issues right now. These so-called democracies have shown their true colors around the world during the pandemic. Rights and protections were all just smoke and mirrors.

Sadly, the things people usually think “the government would never do”, are now being done. They aren’t even hiding it, and it’s likely not going to end here.

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