Crack pipes and “harm reduction”. A look at the flawed theory backed by the same phony “science” behind mask mandates and lockdowns.

Tyler S. Farley

I’m sure you’ve heard the story by now. The Biden administration has agreed to spend $30 million to provide harm reduction services which include so-called “smoking kits”. These kits include pipes for smoking crack, among other things meant to make the consumption of drugs safer.

The theory of “harm reduction” in regards to illicit drug use is actually not new. It’s been peddled for some time now. Proponents argue it’s “settled science” and the data as they say proves that harm reduction creates better outcomes than other forms of drug prevention measures.

However, this push by mostly progressives has the exact same hallmarks as the mask and lockdown science had, by which I mean it’s all totally fake.

The key here is that when progressives want something, they often follow the same playbook. In this case, it’s to declare something as “proven” despite them having just thought it all up very recently. They then use cherry picked data and studies that defy simple logic and common sense, but claim that’s how all science and data looks to the unsophisticated. They then label anyone who disagrees as “anti-science”, or worse.

If you want to look at the results of harm reduction, there is no need for abstract studies. Simply walk the streets of San Francisco or Portland right here in America. Both cities have embraced harm reduction strategies such as free needles or these so-called “smoking kits”. Many also offer free Narcan so addicts can simply revive their own friends after an all too common overdose.

Those cities have become nightmares and are awash in open-air human suffering. Addicts line the streets in various states of unconsciousness or stupor. Human waste fills the sidewalks and streets so much so that diseases from the dark ages have made a return due to the unsanitary conditions.

One doesn’t need a folder full of statistics and studies to see what harm reduction does. It fuels drug addiction and drug use. It offers all the tools to allow the drug addict to just barely stay alive, but never recover or break out of the cycle of despair. It’s quite literally evil, as it locks the drug addict into their lifestyle instead of giving them a way out.

As mentioned earlier, harm reduction is sold exactly like the lockdowns and masks were. Mostly progressive officials dreamed up the mask rules and nationwide lockdowns, but then declared them “proven science” despite being just invented and never tried before.

Even when the evidence and simple observation proved the lockdowns were causing more harm than good, those behind them used the same tactics as harm reduction proponents do. They cited phony statistics from other countries to try to convince people that what they were seeing was all just a mirage. The “science” proves them right, they claim, despite your own eyes seeing quite the opposite.

So don’t fall for this harm reduction sales pitch. It’s no different than the science behind masks, lockdowns, and covid vaccines. All things we now know were completely flawed from the start despite being sold as settled science.

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