Biden bans the press from viewing or reporting on the Ukraine troop deployment. Why is he playing right into Putin’s hands?

Tyler S. Farley

In an extremely unprecedented move, the Biden administration has banned the press from traveling or embedding with the current deployment of U.S. troops to areas in Europe.

With more than 3,000 troops being deployed, it’s unprecedented for any modern administration to not allow press embeds.

Every other major deployment had press members that were allowed access, and in modern times were allowed to “embed” with the troops. Normally, it’s only secretive deployments that did allow the press, for obvious reasons. However, this deployment has been widely reported, most likely intentional.

Equally troubling is the fact that the deployment was made while French President Macron was in the middle of peaceful negotiations with Russia. One could argue that the Biden move to send troops during negotiations was an obvious tactic to undermine those talks.

This wouldn’t be that unusual. The U.S. military and intelligence apparatus has a habit of creating military drama during negotiations as a way to sabotage the talks and set the table for conflict.

What’s strange is all of this plays right into Putin’s hand. The Ukrainian situation is a European problem and Europe needs to deal with it. Putin knows that, but he wants America to take the lead, as that shows how powerful he is globally. Putin wants America in the front seat on this, and Biden is handing that right to him.

Despite Putin claiming that American war talk is “hysteria”, that means the Americans are doing exactly what he wants. If you know anything about Putin, he’s very savvy and will generally state the opposite of reality. In this case, he wants to make it seem like he doesn’t want America involved in the Ukraine crisis, when in fact, he couldn’t be happier.

So is the Biden administration completely clueless or are they compromised in some way due to the Biden family’s business dealings in the region? For now we don’t know, but whatever is going on, Putin is clearly winning.

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