Blue state governors who told us not to make the mask debate political just dropped all mask mandates, for political reasons.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s something we’ve all been forced to listen to for over 2 years. “The mask debate is not political”, or at least that’s what we were told over and over again when anybody would question it.

Officials, mostly in blue states told us that anyone who opposed mask mandates were simply politicizing a totally scientific debate.

But as crime surges in blue states, along with gas prices, and rent, governors were forced to drop the mandates simply in the hopes it will score them some much needed political points.

Joe Biden is polling at less than 40% approval. That’s lower than Trump at this time in his presidency, and Biden has the luxury of a media which protects him at every turn. So Trump had a higher approval rating even with the extremely hostile media which called him a secret Russian agent for nearly 5 years.

First it was California, then New York, and now Nevada. The masks are coming off. In Nevada, a member of the governor’s medical advisory team even admitted it was all just a political move to try to make people happy.

Interestingly, it comes after we learned that inflation has once again broken records and the CPI came in at a blistering 7.5%. Mind you, this is after they changed the way CPI is calculated in an effort to produce a lower number. So the real inflation that consumers actually feel is much higher, especially for the working class.

Democrats know their approval has tanked. The Freedom Convoy in Canada was most likely a wake up call. Despite being demonized on the news, there is huge grassroots support for the convoy all around the world.

So with the mandates gone, expect all these restrictions to be memory-holed just like the riots of 2020, which also just happened to be promoted by Democrats and the media.

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