The cancel mob is white foot soldiers funded by white billionaires who go after their political enemies by pretending to care about black people.

Tyler S. Farley

As the Joe Rogan controversy slogs along and we all wait for what the cancel mob has planned next, there is a part of this that really makes the whole episode much more despicable than it appears on the surface.

When it comes to the cancel machine that has grown in size over the last few years, there is one thing that sticks out more than anything and that’s the fact that it’s mostly run by white people and funded by white billionaires.

But while on the surface that may seem as though these people are acting in good faith and simply want to protect marginalized communities, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, these people continue to exploit minorities, which is what they claim to be fighting against.

If you know about the Joe Rogan situation, you know that none of this is organic. It was mostly started by a Twitter account known as “Patriot Takes” which is funded by and a  part of a SuperPAC known as Meidas Touch (A play on words combining the Midas Touch and the last name of the founders, Meiselas).

Meidas Touch prides itself on creating social media campaigns that appear to be organic in nature, but are in fact carefully orchestrated smear campaigns aimed at political rivals.

So essentially, a political SuperPAC is behind the entire campaign. The Twitter account Patriot Takes even takes credit for creating the viral video that is being used against Rogan.

Meidas Touch is responsible for a host of political videos that they release and then are re-Tweeted and pushed by their foot soldiers in the media. It’s so bad that even Rolling Stone ran a piece on the SuperPAC wondering if their tactics and financial dealings crossed the line.

Videos created by Meidas Touch include titles such as “Trump kills US” and “Bye Ivanka” which re-edited Ivanka Trump’s words to create a viral video which led to her speech being canceled at Wichita State University.

These are just two examples, but every video and smear campaign they have created has been highly partisan in nature and aimed at political enemies.

So now we move to their latest campaign, and once again their motivation is no different. Joe Rogan and his platform is seen as a political enemy and an enemy to their friends in the mainstream media. So this is why they are going after Joe Rogan.

But the saddest and most hypocritical part is that Patriot Takes and Meidas Touch, along with their foot soldiers in the media, are using and exploiting minority groups to attack their political enemies. Meidas Touch doesn’t care at all about black people, they’re simply an exploitable group that can be used to take down perceived political enemies.

This pretty much sums up elite progressives in general. None of them ever do anything to truly help disadvantaged communities. They only exploit those communities to use them as fodder to attack their political enemies. It’s white people using black people to do their dirty work. It’s completely despicable and Meidas Touch is guilty of doing exactly what they claim to be fighting against.

It’s truly sad, but in reality the cancel mob is exploiting the very people they claim to be defending. And what can really be more racist than that?

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