Sadly, the entire Joe Rogan situation will come down to advertisers.

Tyler S. Farley

As the cancel machine switches gears and moves from vaccine “misinformation” allegations to allegations of racism, the Joe Rogan situation is most likely reaching some sort of climax.

As we’ve outlined here, Spotify can’t really afford to ditch Joe Rogan. They were not profitable until very recently, and it was all because of new advertising revenue from podcasting. Of course, since Rogan is the biggest podcast on earth, that makes him a big part of that. So Spotify really wants this to all blow over.

However, the cancel machine is in full swing now. Pivoting from vaccines to racism, they are making it harder for those in the media who previously defended Rogan. If you follow cancel-culture, you know what the next step is here. It’s going after the sponsors.

This is where the whole situation will be decided, and most likely in the next week or so.

If the cancel machine can start to pressure advertisers to drop their ad spend with Spotify, that may be what ultimately gets Rogan canceled. Although as we’ve also said, he will most likely become more popular than ever and the event will red-pill many people.

However, if advertisers can’t be swayed to ditch Spotify, Rogan most likely rides this out. Spotify wants to keep him, so if the advertisers stay, so does Rogan.

My instinct at this point says Rogan stays. What his show becomes moving forward is still up for debate. Will he avoid controversial topics in the future? If so, will his fans notice and start to lose interest?

It’s too soon to tell any of that right now. But in the meantime, this is all in the hands of the advertisers.


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