Biden’s winter of “severe illness and death” turned out to be the winter of every country dropping all covid restrictions.

Tyler S. Farley

In what can only be described as complete fear mongering, Biden’s statements about “severe illness and death” coming to the nearly 100 million unvaccinated Americans was totally false.

You would think that a president telling 100 million Americans to prepare for illness and death, and then nothing even close to that happening would result in the media calling out the over-the-top statement.

But of course, there isn’t even a mention of it. Nor is there a mention of how Dr. Fauci was right along with Biden pumping up the fear just weeks ago.

So here we are, in the depths of winter and instead the exact opposite has occurred. The misery and death turned out to be mild cold symptoms that barely last 2 full days. Not only that, much of the world has decided to drop all restrictions.

The U.K. dropped virtually all restrictions last week. Ireland has done the same. Just today another country, Switzerland, has said the pandemic is over and no regulations are needed anymore. These are just a few and the list goes on.

You literally couldn’t be any further from a correct prediction if you were Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci. Quite literally things have gone the exact opposite of what they predicted.

It seems Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are the only world leaders still clinging on to the covid narrative at this point. The rest of the world has moved on, albeit over a year too late, but at least they’ve come back to reality.

But Joe Biden and his administration are still living in the past. Talking about boosters and other restrictions and mandates when the rest of the world is doing the exact opposite.

It’s sad. America was once a country that led the world. Now, we’ve become so inept that we’re last in line to rid our people of oppressive mandates that did nothing to stop covid transmission at all.


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