Virtually every death metric is at record highs. Are people ready to accept the fact that the lockdowns destroyed society?

Tyler S. Farley

It’s not hyperbole anymore. The lockdowns very much appear to have destroyed society on some fundamental level.

To be clear, I don’t fully understand why and I doubt any experts even do. Combine that with the political aspect of the lockdowns and the fact that so many in power advocated for them, it’s going to be a while before an honest study of them can be performed.

But without a doubt, something broke in society over the last few years and the elephant in the room as far as a cause is the lockdowns.

Every single statistic regarding non-natural death is breaking records, and is doing so at an alarming rate.

Drug overdoses are at all time records. Murders are at all time records in 16 major cities, and 2022 is starting off worse than last year. Even auto fatalities have seen the highest percentage increase since records have been kept.

It makes you wonder what the hell is going on? And I haven’t even mentioned the non-death related issues, such as the surge in crime and homelessness.

It’s clear the lockdowns broke something within our culture and our society. It kicked off a feeling of nihilism or disregard for one’s own safety and the safety of others. People are living as if the world is coming to an end, and who can really blame them.

The media and big tech pumped out doomsday pandemic news for nearly 3 years now. Combined with locking people down, it caused a significant portion of the population to feel there is no hope, nor will there ever be. It’s caused their behavior to become reckless, whether it be their drug use, their lifestyle, or even their driving. The statistics show a huge increase in people being reckless, and it’s killing people at a record rate.

We wrote an article recently asking if politicians who pushed these lockdowns knowing the damage they were causing actually committed crimes against humanity. The article argues that the answer is yes according to the United Nations definition.

But as we see more and more statistics showing the death and destruction the lockdowns have caused, it’s becoming less of an argument and more of a simple observable fact.

But as with all problems, until you accept and confront the problem, it will never be solved. So are people ready to admit the lockdowns were wrong and we need to work to reverse the damage?

Politicians and the media will never admit they were wrong, so it’s up to the people to demand it. If things are ever going to be turned around, it’s up to the public, and it’s time to demand that those behind the lockdowns be held responsible for the terrible damage they caused.

If we don’t, this will happen all over again.


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