By adopting woke culture, corporations hoodwinked rank and file Democrats into supporting the same corporations they used to despise.

Tyler S. Farley

One of the more comical aspects of the modern clown world is how rank and file Democrats have become rabid establishment shills, and don’t even realize it.

Whether it be rabid support for the largest, most evil corporations in the world or the fawning over agencies like the FBI, rank and file Democrats now support every establishment entity.

But how did this happen, and how were they hoodwinked?

Well, part of it is how corporations brilliantly co-opted progressive woke culture as their own. By doing this, it gives them not only protection from the same group that previously would have called them out, but now they actually get support from that same group.

Amazon is a perfect example, although their facade is crumbling, but not before they got rich destroying local stores and communities all across the country. By pretending to back social issues like BLM or environmental concerns, they got a free pass from their own slave labor practices and insane eco-destroying business model that will ship the tiniest item via a 747 jumbo jet right to your front door in less than 24 hours. It’s a colossal waste and Amazon does it millions of times a day. Yet they were able to do it all with little push back by those claiming to care about such issues.

Next is the FBI. Just by itself the sudden Democrat love for the FBI would seem hilarious. First and foremost because Democrats were overwhelmingly anti-police for the past 5 years, but for some reason love the FBI, which has more power and more leeway than any police force out there.

But historically, Democrats have despised the FBI, going back to the 1960’s and the protest movements of that decade. The FBI was eager to infiltrate and break up anti-war movements and other protests, which caused a generation of rank and file Democrats to mistrust the FBI. But yet here we are, a few decades later and Democrats parrot every FBI talking point as they continue to infiltrate and try to discredit protest groups.

It’s all very similar to the corporate trick. The FBI adopted woke policies and pumped out their support for woke ideologies, and those same Democrats who previously despised the FBI suddenly think they’re both fighting for the same cause.

I could go on, but I think you see the point and the more you look, you’ll see it more and more. Rank and file Democrats have been completely hoodwinked into supporting the exact entities they used to despise. Those entities haven’t changed at all, but Democrats sure have.


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