Joe Rogan being banned or deplatformed would actually be a good thing. He’ll do fine, and it will be the biggest red pill ever.

Tyler S. Farley

It really illustrates the crazy times we live in when a guy with pretty mainstream, blue-collar opinions is being labeled as the most far-right, conspiracy nut in the world.

Of course, I’m talking about Joe Rogan. A person who simply hosts guests on his show, albeit the most popular show in the world. Joe Rogan isn’t a pundit, he doesn’t claim to be an expert on anything. He simply has guests on his show and he asks them questions. But apparently that’s not allowed anymore unless you are booking approved guests and asking approved questions.

But Rogan, who appears to be adding to his list of those calling to cancel him, has now attracted the U.S Surgeon General himself, Vivek Murthy.

Surgeon General Murphy was recently on MSNBC where he told host Mika Brzezinski that not only the government, but private companies have a role to play in fighting “misinformation”. This was after being asked directly about Joe Rogan and his popular podcast.

So here you have a high ranking official calling on Rogan to be censored. But ironically, at this point I think that may be the best thing for all of us seeking the truth.

If Joe Rogan is deplatformed the way Alex Jones was, it will be one of the biggest red pills of all time. That’s probably why it will never happen, but it would actually be great if it did.

Normally, I would never call for someone to deplatformed, but in this case, Joe Rogan would do just fine. He’s already insanely wealthy, and he could simply start podcasting from his own website and still make tens of millions of dollars a year. So he’ll be just fine and in a way, he may even end up doing better.

But the result of that will pretty much solidify the notion that the big tech companies and the media no longer represent the average person or are looking out for their well being as they pretend to. We all know that’s true, but there are still those in the public who are afraid to make that leap of faith and admit it.

This is where the canceling of Joe Rogan would be a giant red pill. It would cause those still desperately hanging on to the notion that maybe everything is fair, to finally admit that everything with big tech, the establishment, and the media is rigged. It’s all lies and propaganda to keep us in line, and anyone who speaks out is punished.

So I say go ahead and cancel Joe Rogan. Big tech should deplatform him. It will do more for the truth than any podcast ever could.


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