Biden’s “leaked” Ukraine phone call by CIA propagandist Natasha Bertrand was just another example of flip-flopping being used to create constant chaos and confusion on every topic.

Tyler S. Farley

We actually just outlined this new method of propaganda the other day in this article, and today we have a perfect example right from the headlines.

The whole story revolves around the ongoing saga between Russia, the rest of the world, and Ukraine. Nobody seems to know if Russia is about to invade Ukraine or if it’s all hype by the U.S. and international war machine hungry for conflict.

But that’s exactly what the establishment wants. A never-ending sense of confusion so nobody can mount any counter-argument to what is actually going on.

The latest is a call today between Biden and Ukraine President Volodomyr Zelensky.

Known CIA propagandist and CNN “National Security Advisor” Natasha Bertrand sent out a Tweet stating Biden told Zelensky to “prepare for impact” and that the Ukrainian capital would be “sacked”.

The Tweets were deleted, but obviously they were seen by everybody.

As mentioned, Natasha Bertrand is a known CIA propagandist as outlined by Glen Greenwald, so the fact that she was the one to kick this off then delete it all is no surprise.

Of course, CNN then jumped on board, only to reverse course as well. Stating later in the day that Zelensky himself denied that language was ever used by Biden.

But by now, the goal was achieved. That goal being to create more chaos and confusion around the Ukrainian situation. As stated earlier, the whole reason being that nobody can now mount a public counter argument to anything, and the intelligence community can simply keep on going with whatever their real plan may be.

This is increasingly becoming the tactic of the Biden administration. Put out one story, let it catch fire, then deny it. Then even bring it back up and deny it yet again.

If you remember, they did this with the supposed $400k payouts to migrants who were separated at the U.S. border. First it was floated as an idea. Then denied. Then floated again. The whole goal is to create chaos and confusion around the issue of border security so a serious debate can never be had.

Don’t fall for these modern propaganda techniques. They are very clever, and they can have us all running around chasing our tail.

Chaos and confusion are now the establishment’s greatest weapons.


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