A look into Project Azorian and whether Elon Musk is just a modern version of Howard Hughes.

Tyler S. Farley

Elon Musk seems to be running more companies than most people can keep track of, all while being spotted partying, traveling, and giving speeches nearly full time. It makes you wonder when he has time to actually run any of these companies.

That’s exactly what has fueled recent speculation that maybe Elon Musk isn’t all that he’s cracked up to be and instead is just some sort of front for what are mostly intelligence agency operations.

While that may seem far fetched to those unaware of the inner workings of the CIA, for those who know, it’s actually a very likely scenario. It’s also a scenario that has been used before and at least one incident is well documented.

For our younger readers, Howard Hughes was an eccentric millionaire back in the mid 20th century. Hughes was famous the world over and a highly respected business magnate, aviator, investor, and aerospace engineer. He was essentially the first version of Elon Musk who captivated the world with his business and engineering success.

However, Hughes was also tied to the intelligence and military community, and this was most apparent in what is known as Project Azorian, which was a CIA plan to recover a sunken Soviet submarine.

In 1968, the Russian submarine K-129 sank in the Pacific Ocean. American intelligence was desperate to recover the sub and examine it as this was the height of the cold war. Such a find would be of huge value for the military and intelligence agencies.

So a plot was drawn up by the CIA to recover the sub, but use a commercial, private business as cover. This is where Howard Hughes comes into the picture. Hughes worked with the CIA and became the “front” for Project Azorian.

He did this by announcing publicly a plan to “mine the ocean” of precious minerals. He stated he would build a giant mining ship that would sail the oceans, mining the water.

(Sounds like one of Elon’s crazy plans, right?)

Hughes launched his idea with much fanfare, and because of his fame as an engineer and success in business, people took it all very seriously.

But it was the perfect example of hiding something in plain sight. The “mining” ship was actually a rescue ship that would be used to secretly raise the sunken Soviet sub.  It was all just an elaborate cover story that used one of the most famous engineers and millionaires of all time.

So now that you know that story, the antics of Elon Musk start to sound eerily familiar to Project Azorian.

Let’s take a look at a few of Musk’s projects below.

Starlink – Run by SpaceX, this project is described as offering low cost internet to areas that otherwise wouldn’t have access. So it’s billed as almost a charity. However, it consists of over 1700 satellites in orbit, all operating as one in what is known as a constellation. It’s so large, that it can often be viewed from earth with the naked eye as the huge line of satellites appears to stretch for miles in the sky.

Photo of Starlink moving through the sky.

Would such an elaborate project really be used so poor people can get access to the internet?

Boring Company – A play on words (the CIA loves that) which is Musk’s underground boring and tunneling company. Sold as a way to transport thousands of people faster than surface streets, it seems more like a scam or a cover story now that it’s been unveiled in several cities.

Below is a video from just last month that shows the tunnels in Las Vegas which were supposed to transport thousands of people per hour to the city’s convention center. But in the video, you can clearly see it transports fewer people than even a sidewalk.

Seems this is clearly a scam or a cover story for something else.

Neurolink – Named similar to Elon Musk’s Starlink, this is supposedly a project to connect people’s brains to computers. Media reports are that he’s very close to human trials where actual microchips will be implanted into the brains of test subjects.

If implanting chips into people’s brains isn’t the dream of governments and intelligence agencies, I don’t know what it is.

Tesla – This one may sound strange, but if you are a reader of this site you already know that electric cars are just a gateway for the government to control and monitor yet another aspect of your life.

Electric cars will be easier to monitor and they are easier to shut off remotely as they will be tied to a smart power grid. So electric cars will be able to be blocked from charging the same way cell phones can be shut off.

Before Tesla, electric cars were the butt of jokes and there was very little interest in them at all. Nobody has done more to usher in the area of electric cars than Tesla and Elon Musk.

But the one thing these projects all have in common is the fact that a famous and somewhat beloved and respected billionaire is behind them all, which seems to deflect any suggestion there may be something more sinister behind them.

It’s all very similar to Howard Hughes and Project Azorian. And perhaps Elon Musk is just the front for countless military and intelligence projects being hidden in plain sight, right before our eyes.


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