Biden’s “free” test kits start shipping. The catch is they’re made in China (of course).

Tyler S. Farley

Despite Joe Biden’s claims over a year ago that he would end the covid pandemic, his administration finally got around to sending out free test kits as the pandemic now enters the third year.

But of course, it wouldn’t be a Joe Biden deal unless China was somehow getting rich or benefiting in the process, and that’s exactly what’s going on with the test kits.

The test kits being sent out are the iHealth kits, which come from China. These ultra low quality test kits that undergo no American supervision during production or testing are being sent to Americans.

There is no way for anyone to know if these test kits are useful, accurate, or even safe. They are basically the Amazon knock-off version of test kits.

Sadly, many test kits are made in China. Just one of the ways China has benefited from the virus they released on the world.

China’s Andon Health supplies many of the other home tests but under American brands. Many of these were being allowed under FDA “emergency use” so the standards, testing, and trials were very limited if present at all.

Another problem is that since these are sourced by government contracts and under emergency conditions, the labeling laws regarding country of origin or manufacturer simply don’t apply.

So just chalk this up to another one of Biden’s failures. Or at least a failure for America. Who knows, maybe Hunter Biden helped broker the deal for the test kits and forwarded his usual 10% to the “big guy”.


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