Crime out of control? Philadelphia has 100 carjackings in 20 days. Previous average was 230 for the whole year.

Tyler S. Farley

Something we have mentioned on this site many times is how the lockdowns seemed to have had the unintentional consequence of causing crime to skyrocket.

It’s all so new and since the lockdowns were mostly an unprecedented event, sociologists and criminologists still don’t fully understand why this happened, but it clearly has.

The main theory is that the extended shutdowns combined with the uncertainty and doomsday scenarios put out by the media and the government combined to make certain people “crack” or simply not care anymore about consequences.

As mentioned in other articles on this site, 16 American cities broke their all time murder record this past year. A shocking story by itself. But now we have new news coming out of Philadelphia which shows crime to be even more out of control than anyone realized.

In the first 20 days of 2022, there were already over 100 carjackings in Philadelphia. To put that in context, the average for the previous 5 years before the pandemic was 230 for the entire year. So in 20 days, they are half way towards their annual total.

There’s no other way to paint that other than to say crime appears to be totally out of control and getting worse by the month.

Carjackings are up everywhere, including other major cities like Chicago where police have begged citizens to exercise caution when out anywhere in the city.

By October of  last year, carjackings in Chicago were up nearly 50% from previous years, and by now that percentage has grown even higher.

But there’s no reason for me to keep throwing out statistics. Most of you probably already can feel the higher crime where you live, it’s almost inescapable at this point.

Although we mostly talk about governments that have gone out of control on this site, the issue of crime could end up being one of the biggest issues for people over the next year.

It seems crime is still rising and has shown no signs of  plateauing any time soon. If this keeps going the same way it did last year, many areas of American cities may become completely unrecognizable as law-abiding people flee for safety, and only the criminals remain.


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