If Ray Epps wasn’t a Fed, then he’d be in solitary confinement like the other January 6th prisioners. Instead, he gets special treatment from Congress and the FBI.

Tyler S. Farley

The story of Ray Epps is so outrageous that people should be protesting in the streets over this now exposed false flag event. However, in an ironic twist, the way the government has treated the January 6th protesters in the first place is why people are scared to raise their voice anymore in fear they’ll end up in jail without a trial.

You really don’t even have to think about it all that hard to realize that Ray Epps was working for the FBI, and probably had been for some time at events all around the country.

The proof is simply in the special treatment he has received, and the complete lack of coverage of him by the media.

The media has breathlessly covered the protests of January 6th as an “insurrection”, which is absurd to begin with. However, it does show you how bad the mainstream media wants to demonize the entire event and anyone involved in it.

Yet one of the most publicized and photographed figures, Ray Epps, has been mostly ignored by the media. So why is that? Why has the media ignored tracking down this supposed “ring leader” as the FBI originally called him.

Why have they not run story after story about him the way they have about other protesters who now languish in jail without trial dates?

The answer is obvious, he’s a fed and always was. That’s why the media has shown no interest in him.

However, thanks to sites like Revolver News and internet sleuths, Ray Epps was exposed and the evidence so compelling he’s now be forced to appear in front of the January 6th Select Committee.

But don’t get too excited, as his special treatment continues even when it comes to appearing before congress.

Ray Epps’ lawyer, John Blischak recently told media outlets that his client was taken off the FBI most-wanted list because he called them and “explained his position”.

Now let me ask you. Do you think that’s how things work? Do people put on the FBI’s most wanted list get to call and “explain their position” and then be removed, never to be mentioned or pursued again?

It’s comical at this point, yet mainstream media outlets like Politico are still trying to frame the Ray Epps story as a right-wing conspiracy when his role as an FBI informant is clear as day.

Now, we find out from Epps’ lawyer that he will be giving a formal, transcribed interview to the January 6th Select Committee. Once again, it is a very special privilege to give an interview in this manner, something usually reserved for high ranking political officials so they can avoid embarrassing testimony.

The whole Ray Epps saga is one that we have written about several times here and has become a total joke at this point. The evidence that he was part of a false flag operation is so glaring and his protection by the FBI so obvious, no reasonable person can come to any other conclusion.

I just wonder how much longer the mainstream media can try to run protection for this whole farce.


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