Dr. Fauci is the latest government official who makes more money from his “side-hustles” than his main job. Maybe the side hustles are the main job for these people.

Tyler S. Farley

It sure is peculiar how all these congressmen, senators, and other high ranking officials somehow make more money on the side than they do from their main job supposedly serving our country.

I’m not sure about you, but where I come from, if your side job makes more money than your normal job, then the side job is your real job.

Of course, that’s all just common sense, which is in short supply when it comes to how our government is run.

The latest example is good old Dr. Fauci. We attack him pretty regularly here and for good reason. The guy is a fraud and he’s been exposed, it’s not even debatable anymore.

But the recent financial disclosures made possible by U.S. Senator Roger Marshal show Dr. Fauci’s true profiteering from his position within the government.

For those who don’t know, Dr. Fauci is already the highest paid government employee in America. His salary exceeds every other person employed by the federal government to the tune of $434K a year.

However, his total earnings in 2020 were a whopping $1.7 million. Over triple his regular salary.

I’m not sure about the rest of you out there with full time jobs, but I doubt many of you make triple what your full time salary is by doing side gigs and investing.

But if you work for the government, this is all the norm.

We all know members of congress and the senate are somehow the best stock traders on the planet, beating the markets by triple digits.

Folks like Nancy Pelosi and even Dan Crenshaw beat lifetime investment wizards like Warren Buffet and huge hedge funds with billions of dollars to manage and invest.

These congressmen and senators have investment returns that dwarf their salary.

So it stands to reason, if people make more money on the side than they do at their real job, it means the side job is their real job.

In this case, it means senators and congressmen don’t actually serve the people at all, their main job is working with lobbyists and industry to help them make money, then they make money through insider trading.

It seems Dr. Fauci is no different. He’s managed to turn a lifetime of “public service” into a windfall where he earns more money via investments than he does through his already top ranking salary.

Seems as though while most of America went broke, Dr. Fauci broke all records when it comes to his own earnings.

No wonder he and Nancy get along so well.


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