Do recent statements by Bill Gates confirm the Omicron “whitehat” theory?

Tyler S. Farley

Last week, we posted an article outlining what is known as the Omicron whitehat theory.

Basically, the theory states that Omicron was engineered and intentionally released, similar to the original strain of covid. But this time designed to spread quickly and mostly harmlessly, thereby creating immunity for most of the world’s population in a relatively short amount of time. This would essentially end the pandemic for now.

Of course,  despite being coined a “whitehat” release by Brett Weinstein, it’s also very possible it was released by the same entity that released the original covid. The reason being they have gained all they wanted to gain during the pandemic, and now it’s time to end it and move on.

We outlined several pieces of evidence in our earlier article, but there is another new piece of evidence and that comes from none other than Bill Gates.

As I’m sure readers of this site are aware, Bill Gates seems to have his fingerprints all over everything pandemic related. From vaccines to actual viruses, Bill Gates either funds it, invests in it, or for some reason is described by the media as an expert in it. So whatever evidence comes out in the future as far as the origins of covid, expect Bill Gates to pop up yet again.

But for now, he recently had a Q&A on his Twitter and despite hyping up covid for 2 years, now he suddenly says Omicron will turn covid into the seasonal flu and he declared the pandemic will ultimately be over, at least for now.

Don’t forget, this is the guy who just happened to invest in all things pandemic related right before the pandemic hit. So either he can predict the future, or he has some ties to entities behind all this.

His latest statements would seem to add credence to the theory that Omicron was indeed engineered and released in various cities around the world simultaneously to end the current covid pandemic.

For now, we’ll have to see. But if these viruses are indeed engineered as the evidence suggests, it means they can release a new version at almost any time and start this whole saga up again.


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