The SCOTUS decision on mandates was no surprise to the Biden administration. The whole goal was to trick people into following a law that was never really a law in the first place.

Tyler S. Farley

Since it was first announced, we wrote on this site about how Biden’s vaccine mandate was unconstitutional.

We also wrote about how the administration already knew that, but instead tried to get people to follow a law they knew was unconstitutional.

The whole playbook the Biden administration is now using is extremely troubling in the way they openly push illegal mandates in the hopes of forcing compliance in the time between them announcing it and the time it gets struck down.

They did the exact same thing with the CDC eviction moratorium. The SCOTUS shot down the most recent extension, but then the Biden administration declared the moratorium was again extended.

This caused massive confusion for landlords and tenants all around the country. Then only a few weeks after Biden’s claim, the SCOTUS shot down the extension for a second time.

It was clear the Biden administration knew the CDC lacked authority to extend the moratorium, it had already been shot down by the SCOTUS. But they tried a second time.

It’s the exact same playbook with the vaccine mandates. It was obvious this was unconstitutional from the beginning. The proof that they knew was how slowly they rolled out details of their mandate.

Despite impacting over 100 million Americans and their livelihood, Biden took months to finally release the details after declaring the mandate in a nationwide address.

This caused huge confusion for workers and employers. When the details were finally released, the whole mandate was based on giving OSHA wide, sweeping powers they clearly don’t have. The same way Biden tried to grant the CDC powers to govern landlords.

The key here is Biden and his team knew all along these things were not constitutional. But their goal was to simply trick people into following laws that were never really laws to begin with.

That’s a very dangerous precedent. A president knowingly trying to force Americans to follow laws they know violate the constitution.

And Biden hasn’t just done this once. It’s become a trademark of his entire presidency.


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