As the narrative on the vaccines shift, they will need a fall guy. Dr. Fauci looks like the most likely candidate.

Tyler S. Farley

We actually wrote about this almost a year ago, but as usual, things do take some time to play out.

It was clear from day-one that the official covid and vaccine narrative would one day collapse. Maybe it would be a slow collapse, or maybe a sudden disclosure, but a lie of this magnitude cannot go on forever in this day and age. It’s eventually exposed, even to the most ardent supporters of the establishment narrative.

However, if you know anything about government bureaucracy and politicians, there always¬† has to be a fall guy. Someone they can blame and dump all the responsibility on. It has to be someone high-profile enough that the public has heard of them. They also need to be someone who, once destroyed, can’t come back with any accusations or information to harm those who just threw them under the bus.

As you can probably already figure, that person is Dr. Fauci.

Not one single individual is the face of the pandemic and the response more than Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci has enjoyed his fame, and even fortune for the last 2 years. But that fame will be what sets him up to be the perfect fall guy for political sharks much more savvy than he is when it comes to these matters.

Some people may speculate that if Dr. Fauci is thrown under the bus, he’ll leak possibly damaging info on those currently in power. But that’s not very likely at all.

Most of what he could leak involves his own actions in some way. Not to mention, as the fury boils over regarding how terrible this pandemic was managed, nobody will want to hear from Fauci after he’s served up as the fall guy.

The public is already done with Dr. Fauci, nobody trusts him anymore really, they’re just not outright saying it because most are embarrassed they supported him in the first place. So once the media and the government tell those people it’s now OK to unload on him, they’ll be more than happy to.

Just this week new documents have come out showing Dr. Fauci was fully aware of the likelihood that covid-19 came from a lab-leak. However, in testimony after testimony, Fauci said the exact opposite.

Not only that, it’s now clear Fauci himself helped fund the very lab that created and leaked this terrible virus.

Dr. Fauci’s days of magazine photo shoots and throwing out the first pitch at baseball games are quickly coming to end.

He’s about to learn how real bureaucrats play ball, and Dr. Fauci will see himself transformed into public enemy number one.


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