A look into evidence behind the Omicron “Whitehat” theory. If true, it means we’ve all become powerless to the whims of the elites and the technology they control.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s an interesting theory floating around that perhaps you’ve heard by now.

It’s called the Omicron Whitehat theory, which essentially postulates that Omicron was created and released by some entity to¬† help stop the pandemic. The reasoning being that Omicron is highly contagious yet very mild compared to Delta, so people can safely gain immunity and essentially put an end to the pandemic.

For those unaware, the term “whitehat” generally refers to people who do things that are considered bad, but for good reasons. For example, a hacker who breaks into a computer system (which is bad), but does so to expose corruption (which is good).

However, it’s also entirely possible that the same entity who released the original strain of covid also released Omicron, and that was the plan all along once the pandemic had served its purpose.

So in this article we want to touch on some of the evidence, which is mostly circumstantial at this point (obviously), but does support the whitehat Omicron theory.

Rate of spread and location of Omicron – This is one that most people caught on to within the first few days of the media blitz talking about Omicron on Thanksgiving Day.

Within a week of being identified by the media and scientists in South Africa, it was already in most major cities and countries around the world. This was all despite vaccine requirements and negative test results being needed for international travel. This also includes many European countries that require quarantining when returning home via international travel.

It is very plausible that Omicron was intentionally released in major cities at the same time, which would explain its takeover of the entire globe in barely more than two weeks and in spite of severe travel restrictions.

A natural spread should have most likely taken much longer.

Evidence of genetic splicing – Interestingly, Omicron appears to have a similarly unlikely structure just like the original covid strains. These specific features are known as furin cleavage sites. This variant contains “not one, but two furin cleavage site mutations – P681H (seen in Alpha, Mu, some Gamma, B.1.1.318) combined with N679K (seen in C.1.2 amongst others).

If you remember, these furin cleavage sites are what many scientists believe to be the proof that the original covid strain was lab created. Such specific features of a virus that are not present in previous iterations seems implausible to occur naturally, yet Omicron has two of them.

Not a direct descendant of the previous dominant strain – Delta was the last most dominant strain, however Omicron is not a direct descendant of that strain. Omicron instead comes from a much earlier strain that apparently was dormant for this entire time and suddenly morphed into the highly contagious Omicron.

Although the genetic “family tree” of viruses does not have to follow a straight line, this is still a key piece of evidence, though not conclusive and would require more study to see exactly how it seemingly evolved out of nowhere.

Minor symptoms – Although this would also be the trajectory of a normal virus, when combined with the other evidence it does seem to all work out perfectly. A highly contagious virus that evolved from a dormant strain that just happens to be much milder. Possibly a coincidence, but also if someone was going to pick a strain to genetically modify to be less contagious, this would be the one.

So those are some of the key pieces of circumstantial evidence pointing towards the validity of this whitehat Omicron theory. At this point, there is very little evidence to go on as Omicron is barely over a month old.

Scientists will need to study Omicron for the next several months to further identify its origins and genetic relatives. Even with that, it may be impossible to discover the real origins of Omicron unless documents, such as the recent Dr. Fauci emails, come to light.

But if this whitehat Omicron theory is indeed true, the implications are indeed terrifying. Despite being good for the time being, it also means we as a people are mostly powerless to the technology that the rulers of our lives now wield.

If they can secretly infect us with a lab made virus, then release another lab made virus to make it go away, all done in total secrecy, what rights or freedom do we even have anymore?

Are we all simply rats in a giant laboratory?


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