The recent “mass psychosis” events all started when the mainstream media, big-tech, and corrupt government agencies all consolidated into one behemoth propaganda unit.

Tyler S. Farley

When Dr. Malone recently went on The Joe Rogan Experience and discussed the theory of a mass psychosis formation, it went viral almost instantly. This was despite big-tech’s best efforts to keep the idea from getting out.

Generally, when an idea goes viral that quickly, it means it clearly resonated with people and at least has a basis in some fundamental truth that people instantly recognize.

But in retrospect over the last few years, we seem to be jumping from one mass psychosis to the next ever since 2015. Every major event has brought about extremely bizarre behavior and all of them based around provably false notions and fake news.

It begins with the 2016 presidential election. It was then that big-tech, the mainstream media, and government agencies such as the FBI all joined forces to become one solid entity that pushed very specific, ideological narratives.

It started by portraying then candidate Trump as a racist, which on the surface, is a pretty typical trope when it comes to smears of Republican candidates. However, it quickly morphed from standard low-level race-baiting to absurd attacks and accusations of white supremacy support and Nazi connections.

This caused one of the first mass psychosis events where a sizable portion of the public truly thought the Republican presidential candidate was a secret white supremacist who communicated with his voters via secret codes and “dog whistles” that only they understood.

But all that morphed again into the now infamous Russia hoax. A 5-year mass psychosis event where once again a sizable portion of the population believed that the sitting president was actually a secret Russian double-agent.

As crazy as that sounds now to read out loud, it’s completely accurate as to what people believed. All of it spurred on by the media, big-tech, and the FBI and other agencies in the government.

Of course, it was all proven false, that’s why every media outlet dropped the issue and never talk about it anymore. But this went on for 5 years on a daily basis. Spurred on each day with provably false stories.

Next we have the BLM riots of 2020, happening coincidentally during another election cycle, where these events seem to focus around.

Here, people were swept up into the mass psychosis belief that America was rotten to the core and secretly a haven for white supremacists. They believed random statues around the country somehow emitted racist energy and had to be torn down by the dozens.

Not only this, the mass psychosis turned violent and deadly. Billions of dollars in property damage occurred in cities across America. This was followed by people demanding that police departments be disbanded in areas with high crime. A decision and sentiment that has now backfired in cities where funding for police forces were cut and now crime is running wild.

Many cities are backtracking on their promise to “defund the police” now that the hysteria has worn off and they are actually increasing the funding.

But in retrospect, hopefully people can see this was very much a type of mass psychosis. The rioting, the tearing down of statues day after day. People seemed to be in a trance and existing in an alternate reality. Not to mention, the whole event that went on for an entire summer has been memory-holed, just like the Russia hoax.

Then of course we move on to masks and the vaccine, which honestly, you’ve heard all of that before so many times there’s no reason for me to even chronicle it all here yet again. That’s the most obvious mass psychosis yet.

So in reality, if you look back with hindsight, you can see these mass psychosis events actually started over 5 years ago. But more troubling, they all have a very similar common thread. The media, big-tech, and corrupt government agencies all join forces to create a type of alternate reality that sends the entire country into chaos.

It’s hard to believe at this point that it’s all just some random phenomena and not a coordinated effort.


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