Biden’s test-kit promise is the perfect representation of his entire presidency.

Tyler S. Farley

The Biden test-kit fiasco is the perfect example of how the entire Biden Presidency has been handled up to this point. Just empty words and stumbling speeches without any real action to address any issue important to the American people.

For those unaware, President Biden addressed the nation right before Christmas and declared that he would provide hundreds of millions of free covid test kits for any American who wanted one.

We wrote about Biden’s promise here, but as you probably already know, he never delivered on that promise. Nor have any kits been bought, contracted for, or the website to order them even built. Instead, Biden returned from his holiday vacation and urged Americans to instead just “Google tests near me”.

Essentially he told Americans, you’re on your own.

It’s just another example of a poorly thought-out decision that the administration thinks will make for great headlines, but they never bother to think it through or even deliver on it. They simply don’t care, they just want cover to get to the next news cycle.

The administration’s eviction moratorium was the same. Biden declared the CDC had extended the eviction moratorium after it had been shot down by the SCOTUS. But he simply stated it was back in effect. It made for some decent headlines, but it also caused immense confusion among renters and landlords.

The SCOTUS knocked it down again less than a month later.

His vaccine mandate is following the exact same trajectory. A big national address to enact something that was poorly thought-out. Then it goes to the SCOTUS, where it will most likely be shot down or gutted within the next few days.

As outlined above, these are not isolated incidents, but instead the playbook the administration seems to be using time after time on every issue.

Make a false claim or promise, then just do nothing until a court shoots it down or the news cycle moves on to the next topic.


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