It’s convenient that the main benefit of the vaccine is completely unprovable. “If you didn’t die, it means the vaccine worked”

Tyler S. Farley

To begin, I have no issue at all with the vaccine being available. But like most people, my problem is with the mandates.

As you know, the current covid-19 vaccine has almost been touted as a miracle drug by the media and progressive lawmakers. It essentially does everything without fail. Or at least that’s what they tried to tell everyone.

But soon the evidence became overwhelming and they had to backtrack on many of the claims made about the vaccine. Mostly that it stopped infection completely. Even Joe Biden proclaimed you won’t catch covid if you take the vaccine. Then there was the claim that it stops transmission. That had to be walked back as well.

After all the backtracking, proponents of the vaccine were left with one single benefit, that the vaccine prevents serious complications. Take the vaccine they say and you won’t get bad symptoms, that’s it.

Of course, this was their claim after all their other claims were proven wrong, so there is a bit of a credibility issue. But even taking people at their word, this final claim just happens to be an unprovable one.

Now someone arguing with me on this would probably stop me and point to the hospitalizations and claim that more unvaccinated people are hospitalized compared to those who are vaccinated.

We know the numbers there have been fudged, but for arguments sake, let’s assume the numbers are 100% true.

Those numbers don’t tell you the whole story. For example, unvaccinated people are more likely to take less precautions and engage in more public activities than the vaccinated. So of course they will be infected at a higher rate, and therefore make up more of the hospitalized.

Many people who were eager to get the vaccine have also severely limited their interactions with other people. Foregoing holidays, events, social outings, and even just going out to dinner. While all of this is most likely a bad choice, it will significantly reduce your chances of catching anything, including covid.

That’s really the root of the problem with claiming that the vaccine reduces major symptoms. It’s an impossible claim to make without extensive data collection on tens of thousands of people both before infections and vaccination, and after. Then weighing the results to compensate for various factors such as health, risk of infection, and other behavior.

None of this has been done. Studies are all still in the very preliminary stages or the studies that are completed have very small sample sizes. They give us clues, but none of it is conclusive.

That’s why new medicines typically take 7 years to be approved. It’s not all just red-tape that slows the process. There is a methodical data collection that needs to take place, and it simply takes time.

As of now, that time for data collection hasn’t happened yet. It is impossible to claim with certainty that the covid-19 vaccine reduces major symptoms in a drastic way for a majority of patients. It could very well turn out to be true, but to say it is and claim that statement is backed by science is about as unscientific as you can be.


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