More shots for everyone! CDC new guidelines call for certain 5 year-olds to get a third shot 28 days after their second shot.

Tyler S. Farley

Haven’t you heard? Booster shots are the new craze.

The CDC announced more changes (yes, more changes) to their guidelines on vaccinations today. By now most of the public has no idea what version of guidelines the CDC is currently operating under, but the CDC doesn’t really care.

Today the CDC announced that instead of receiving a booster at 6 months after your last dose for most adults, they now have moved that up to 5 months.

Next, for certain 5-11 year-olds with compromised health, they are suggesting a third (booster) shot only 28 days after the second regular shot. So 3 shots in about one month.

It’s unclear what trial data they used to support this new giant leap in booster scheduling.

We’re not sure if the CDC plans on keeping up with this trend of adding boosters whenever a variant occurs. They’re already at 3 shots in about a month for 5 year-olds. Could weekly boosters be next on the list whenever the next variant hits?

As we’ve written about here, it’s not clear how long this booster-mania can last. Will people eventually tire of non-stop boosting and ever-changing guidelines?


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