Are these recent bizarre incidents proof of a mass psychosis?

Tyler S. Farley

After the viral Dr. Malone interview on the Joe Rogan Podcast, there has been a renewed and sudden interest in mass psychosis theory to explain the current pandemic situation.

While that is definitely a rabbit hole to examine, just on the surface there seems to be evidence of countless people around the world seemingly behaving in ways that suggest they are under the spell of some mass delusion.

So let’s look at a few from just the last week, and while they may seem isolated, these incidents are actually occurring quite frequently as I’m sure you’ve seen yourself.

The Atlanta “Karen” –  In this video that went viral, a woman attacked a man on a plane because she believed he was not wearing his mask properly. At one point in the video, she uses a guttural, almost demonic tone to demand the man “mask up”, a phrase pushed by Dr. Fauci and others.

The woman who took 10 covid tests in a day – This incident was also on a plane, but not an attack or outburst like we’ve become accustomed to.

Instead, this woman who CNN declared to be a “hero” was so obsessed with covid, she took 10 covid test in a day until the final test showed she was positive. Then, decked out in full masks, gloves, and a face shield, she quarantined in a bathroom until the plane landed. Turns out she was fine and had no real symptoms at all.

Woman arrested after vaccinating teen without parent’s consent – This one is actually very common as people become extremely obsessed with the vaccine. But this most recent case is a 54 year-old woman who injected a teen with the vaccine without the consent of the parents.

At a New Year’s Eve party, the woman who is not a medical practitioner or professional of any kind, injected the boy who then went home and told his parents. The police were called and the woman was arrested.

It’s unclear how the woman obtained the vaccine or what brand it even was.

Earlier in the month there were other public stories about similar events.

Maribel Duarte told NBC news that her 13 year old son was vaccinated without consent at the Barack Obama Global Preparatory school in Los Angeles in exchange for free pizza. He was told to “not tell anyone” by the person giving the injections.

But this type of incident is nothing new. Not only that, it’s common for this type of behavior to be applauded on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit where people often argue children should be vaccinated without their parent’s consent or even knowledge.

What these incidents show is a clear case of brainwashing of some kind. The people in the above stories are clearly acting as though they are under some kind of spell. But even worse, their behavior isn’t really considered even that extreme as many people in the population feel the same way, but just don’t act on it as these people have.

Social media is filled with otherwise normal people making outrageous claims such as denying medical care for the unvaccinated or jailing those who refuse to wear a mask properly. These are actually very common viewpoints suddenly and they are promoted on social media.

It’s just anecdotal, but looking around and observing a certain subset of people, it’s clear they are under some sort of mass delusion.


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