Latest numbers show mainstream news sites down almost 50% in viewers. But will this cause the establishment to increase censorship to protect its legacy media?

Tyler S. Farley

At this point there can be no debate, the legacy mainstream media has exhausted what was left of its legitimacy and is now operating in full view as a propaganda outlet for the establishment.

The majority of the public seems to have now caught on to that fact as the latest numbers show mainstream news sites such a The Washington Post are down nearly 50% in viewership.

CNN, the joke of cable news, is down another 38% according to the latest Nielson ratings. This is after significant double digit drops over the last two years. As it stands, barely 700K Americans watch CNN, less than many YouTube creators who make videos from their spare bedrooms.

But while this may seem like a positive, and it is, the fact that the media is losing it’s grip on controlling the narrative may end up making things more difficult for those voices who want to break through with the truth.

We all know censorship is a huge problem. Big tech companies and social platforms all conspire with the legacy media to spin their ideological narrative. But now that the legacy media is basically on life-support, they will need to crank up the censorship machine as a last ditch effort to save it.

We already know this is the only tool the establishment seems to think they have when it comes to saving their narrative. They wrongly believe that by silencing all dissenting opinions, they can maintain control of the narrative.

But as the numbers above show, the opposite ends up happening. The more they censor and peddle fake news, the fewer people buy into their lies.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t try, and it looks like more censorship is on the table for the year ahead. Expect social media platform to increase their banning and manipulation. Expect more voices to be deplatformed. Expect search engine results to become even more manipulated.

In other words, expect more of the same.


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