Why would you believe any of it? The same people pushing covid are the same ones who spent 5 years telling you an elected U.S. president was a secret Russian spy.

Tyler S. Farley

Despite being mostly in the rear-view mirror, the specter of the Russia-Gate hoax still has a very lasting impact, and you see it every day with the current covid situation.

The fact that the FBI, the mainstream media, and big tech companies all colluded to push the 5-year lie that a sitting U.S. president was a secret Russian sleeper agent can’t be understated, nor can the enormous impact it had on the public debate.

Russia-Gate opened the door for what has ultimately become 100% fake news peddled 24 hours a day. But even worse, with the help of big tech, anyone who disagrees or tries to expose this fake news is hit with constant resistance in the form of bannings, censorship, shadowbans, and even deplatforming where they are completely removed from all social media.

Russia-Gate, although mostly forgotten, was the precursor to the pandemic fear machine where the media and big tech companies simply write the narrative despite it easily being proven false with even the slightest scrutiny.

If you pay attention, you will notice the pandemic playbook is even the same as Russia-Gate with outrageous headlines that are soon retracted or corrected. Of course, the headlines get the views, but almost nobody sees the corrections and the retractions.

We saw this with Russia-Gate as Matt Taibbi outlines in a piece that went viral. He started documenting all the cases where the entire media apparatus published a “bombshell” headline regarding Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, only to quietly retract the entire story days or weeks later.

Just this week we had a very similar example that shows the pandemic is following the same playbook.

A few days after Omicron was blasted all over the news, the CDC made the outrageous claim that Omicron cases now accounted for 75% of total U.S. cases. Mind you, this was after only 10 days of it being discovered in America.

On the surface this was obviously impossible, but the story was front page news everywhere.

But this just this week, we hear the retraction and correction. The actual number is closer to 25% of cases.

So was the original number really a mistake or miscalculation, or was it straight from the Russia-Gate playbook? Pump up a fake headline to set the narrative, then quietly walk it back when nobody is paying attention. Then simply drop another fake “bombshell” headline a few days later. Repeat indefinitely.

So despite being relegated to ancient history, Russia-Gate is alive and well today. What the media and big tech was allowed to get away with has now become permanent. Quite literally nothing you see reported or pushed in the media or on social media will ever be anything you can trust.


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