Domestic flights will soon require vaccination. Dr. Fauci is selling it the same way he sold boosters before becoming official policy.

Tyler S. Farley

If you want to predict the future, it’s becoming very easy to do, at least when it comes to covid restrictions and mandates.

All you need to do is follow what the ringleaders such as Dr. Fauci are talking about as they make the rounds on cable news shows.

The sell-job they use has become so predictable that they even use the same buzzwords and phrases each time they pre-sell what is coming next.

First, they claim that any new restriction or mandate brought up is probably not necessary at this point in time. This is about 6 months before that new policy actually happens. They pretend as though they have no interest in it at all.

About 2 months out, suddenly that thing they had no interest in is now “on the table” as far as discussions go, but it’s often mentioned dismissively, almost as a last resort. They’ll claim as long as the public follows the current rules and restrictions, such things won’t be needed.

Then about a month before it becomes policy, the new restriction is now talked about as “something that needs to be seriously considered”.

The of course, the final step is it being announced as an official policy, restriction, or mandate.

Everything over the past two years has followed this template. First from being disregarded, then suddenly it’s on the table, to finally it needs to be seriously considered. Then it finally happens.

Perhaps that’s why its become a meme that conspiracy theorists are always being proven right over the last two years. It’s because these things are incredibly easy to spot.

So that brings us to vaccine mandates for domestic flights. Just this past weekend, Dr. Fauci made the rounds on cable news shows to let us know we are in the final stage of his now obvious sell-job on this topic.

When earlier in the year he was dismissive of the idea, now heĀ  has changed his tune, just like with everything else. He stated on several shows that a vaccine requirement for domestic flights needs to be “seriously considered”.

As you now know, that’s the final step before it becomes mandated, which was the plan all along.

If you remember, booster shots were sold the same way. At first dismissed for the general public, then slowly talked about as explained above over the course of months before becoming official policy.

So based on that, sometime before the end of February, you can expect the Biden administration to enact mandates requiring all or some domestic flights require full vaccination.

It’s going to happen. We’ve seen how this all plays out time and time again. There is an obvious pattern here and it will play out exactly the same this time.

Hopefully, as more people wake up, they will realize how they are being played and lied to. These hucksters like Dr. Fauci aren’t responding to new threats and data, they’ve had everything planned out since the beginning. They just sell it to the public in bite-sized chunks to make it easier to go down.


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