Why you shouldn’t attack Trump for his vaccine statements and how he’s laying out a winning strategy for 2024.

Tyler S. Farley

Trump’s recent interview with Candace Owens and the focus on the vaccines and mandates seemed to surprise a lot of people, although it shouldn’t have.

Trump once again showed pride for helping to create the vaccine in record time, and also pushed their safety, despite Candace Owens interjecting.

Some Trump supporters took this to mean that Trump has jumped on board with the overzealous pro-vaxx movement that wants to vaccinate every man, woman, and child several times a year.

But that was an extreme overreaction to what Trump actually said, and in fact, everything Trump said was consistent with what he’s been saying since the pandemic started.

So there was really nothing new here. Instead, what happened was that a lot of pro-Trump “influencers” on social media have now pivoted to making vaccines their topic of choice since Trump has left the White House. So due to vaccine mandates being their bread and butter topic now, they over-amplified what Trump really said.

Trump’s statements were a non-issue, it’s just that the pro-Trump influencers blew it out of proportion due to vaccine mandates being their most profitable and click-bait-able topic now.

But besides the postmortem of what happened in what was really a non-issue, his interview gave us an interesting glimpse into his plans for the future that I think a lot of people missed.

Trump is going to pivot and campaign on solving covid once and for all, along with campaigning on the economy as the two top issues.

When Trump left office, he was portrayed a being weak on covid responsiveness and solving the pandemic. But what a difference a few years makes.

Biden now has more deaths and more cases on his watch than Trump. Not only that, under Trump things were improving when he left, both with covid and the economy.

Now those two things appear to be worse. The pandemic response seems to be stuck in place with no improvements being made. And the economy is worse by almost every metric available.

We already know the economy is a winning issue for Trump in any campaign. He super-charged the economy once and led the country to historic low unemployment for almost every segment of the population while he was president.

His only weakness in 2020 was on covid, which was mostly a narrative by the media, but nonetheless it stuck. But now, that’s been reversed.

Biden and the Democrats are seen as worse on the pandemic. Nothing they do seems to work, and they keep doubling-down on failed policies that grow more unpopular by the day.

So this is why Trump is talking vaccines and he doesn’t want his supporters to get carried away attacking him for it.

Trump is setting up his 2024 campaign strategy and part of this is going to be his pledge to eradicate covid as an ongoing problem.

Don’t worry, it won’t just be all vaccine talk, he’ll also run on doing away with mandates and restrictions.

It’s a catch-all policy that will win moderates from both sides.

The key is that Trump supporters should not make the mistake of misinterpreting his actions. He’s not calling for vaccine mandates, he’s pivoting towards a national strategy to win an election.

If Trump runs on the economy and ending the pandemic, he’ll likely garner even more votes than he did in 2020.


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