Has the recent crime wave reached the ruling class? House Democrat and Illinois senate leader both carjacked within 24 hours.

Tyler S. Farley

We all know crime is surging around the country. Fueled by society-destroying lockdown measures, a failing economy, and lax prosecutors, the surge is unlike anything ever seen before.

In fact, 16 large American cities have all posted an all time record number of murders for the year.

If you live anywhere near a major city, I’m sure you’ve either witnessed this first hand or are well aware of the rising crime just about everywhere.

But it seems no one is safe or immune anymore. Before covid, the wealthy and ruling class could wall themselves off from the plight and dangers that the peasants below them had to deal with. Not any more though, as it seems the chickens have come home to roost and even the elite ruling class is falling victim to this new unprecedented crime wave.

Just last month, Los Angeles was hit with a rash of “follow home” burglaries where criminals would follow wealthy people home and rob them, often violently and at gunpoint.

The most prominent case was that of well-known record executive Clarance Avant, whose wife Jacqueline was killed in a violent home invasion at their multi-million dollar estate.

The crime was so out of place for the wealthy neighborhood that it made Oprah Winfrey declare that “the world is upside down”.

But now we have what seems like an even more shocking event as two high level politicians were both carjacked within a 24 hour period.

Illinois Senate Leader Kimberly Lightford and House Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon were both carjacked within a 24 hour period this week.

Lightford was carjacked with her husband in a Chicago suburb on Tuesday evening. Then Wednesday afternoon Scanlon was carjacked at gunpoint in Philadelphia.

So two prominent politicians being carjacked in different cities all within a 24 hour period.

So it would seem the wealthy and the ruling class are not immune to the surge in crime sweeping the country. Much of the crime is a direct results of their own failed policies, but will they now be forced to look in the mirror when they become the victims?


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