With it becoming more and more difficult to try to blame the unvaccinated, will the blame now shift to the true cause of Covid, China?

Tyler S. Farley

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the covid clown show, you’ve probably noticed a shift in tone among officials as they take to cable news to push their narrative.

The shift comes from the fact that it’s becoming increasingly¬† more difficult to try to lay the blame on the unvaccinated for all the problems arising from the pandemic.

As statistics and even mere observation are proving, the vaccinated are catching covid at the exact same pace as the unvaccinated.

In fact, you could argue the entire Omicron rise was caused by fully vaccinated international air travelers. Omicron spread to the entire world within days, all by people who are required by law to be fully vaccinated before traveling.

Bottom line is, you can’t blame the unvaccinated anymore. The data and even regular old observation proves the blame was always, and still is misplaced.

But will this open the door to start blaming the real culprit when it comes to this pandemic which has sent our major cities into a tail spin of violence and economic collapse?  Will people finally wake up and accept that China is to blame for all of this?

On this site we’ve written about this very thing for two years now. Even if you totally disregard the lab leak evidence that proves this virus came from a Wuhan lab, the blame is still on China.

Even if this virus occurred naturally in China, the CCP completely covered it up for months as it spread throughout the world. Their cover-up created the pandemic whether it was a leak, intentional, or a naturally occurring virus. None of that matters as the cover-up is more damning evidence than any of it.

Even third-world countries are responsible enough to alert international health authorities immediately after they detect a dangerous viral outbreak. This is why outbreaks such as Ebola are contained so quickly. Those countries do the right thing.

But not China. They knew about covid for months but covered it up. They even allowed people from Wuhan to freely travel the world, spreading the virus along the way. They never contacted international health authorities when they discovered the outbreak. Not only that, when it was discovered, they spent several more months hampering the investigation, which made the response even slower.

Whether or not China released this virus intentionally is another debate entirely and one we’ve discussed here before. But even ignoring that, their cover-up of the virus, which is well-documented and proven, makes them just as culpable as if they released it on purpose.

Gross criminal negligence is a legal definition by which an entities’ actions are so reckless and the consequences so obvious, that it amounts to criminal behavior similar to having done something intentionally. That’s exactly what we have with the China situation.

Knowingly covering up the outbreak for months, China knew it would result in a pandemic. They knew what the virus was and what it was capable of. So them allowing it to spread unchecked for months was no different than if they did it intentionally. The end result was the same.

Hopefully the world wakes up to this fact sooner rather than later. Because if they don’t, this is going to happen all over again.


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