When Joe Biden told the nation that his “patience is wearing thin” with the American people, it signified a huge shift in how your government now views you.

Tyler S. Farley

Most of the crazy things Joe Biden says are simply written off as a symptom of his obvious dementia. However, his formal speeches are carefully crafted by those within his administration, and the words chosen specifically for the message that they want to convey.

One of Joe Biden’s most visible speeches was when he addressed the entire nation on November 4th, where he formally announced his illegal vaccine mandate which is currently tied up in the courts.

In this speech that was written for him and the words carefully chosen, he stated that “we’ve been patient” in regards to those who are unvaccinated, but he added “our patience is running thin”.

Such language from a U.S. President towards law-abiding, tax-paying citizens is totally unprecedented in both the tone and the undercurrent of threat that it implies.

Presidents normally reserve such threats for criminals or foreign adversaries who are attempting to provoke the United States. Such language is never aimed at the American citizens themselves who have committed no crime nor have done anything wrong.

This wasn’t some small group either he was addressing, it’s over 100 million Americans who are legal, law-abiding citizens.

Of course, it would be naive to think that no President has ever had any anger towards a group of Americans, I’m sure they all did at one point. But never have they addressed the nation and openly vocalized that anger, and that’s what makes this so unique. Not only that, it shows a complete shift in how this administration views the public.

No longer do they feel the need to pretend or cover for their anger towards nearly half the population of the country. Instead, they openly threaten that group as if they were a parent scolding their children by saying their “patience is wearing thin” as a warning that more severe punishment is coming.

It’s the complete removal of any pretense of compassion that should be most worrying. It suggests this administration feels it no longer even needs the support or approval of the public. They are above all that now, and now it’s time for them to dish out orders and threats.

As mentioned earlier, plenty of politicians have been caught on hot-mics giving their true feelings about the public. But they never spoke like that publicly because they felt they still needed the approval of the public to get their job done.

But those days appear to be over. Your government no longer cares if you approve of them or not. They don’t even bother with the effort of trying to make you believe they are looking out for you, or the country’s best interests.

Instead, you are now viewed as a bad child, a slave, or a prisoner. You’ll be told what to do and what to believe. If not, you’re first warning is a threat. After that, you’ll learn exactly what the punishment might be for your impudence.

It’s a scary time and one never before seen in modern American politics. Sadly, it appears to be the beginning of a new chapter, one in which the government has finally totally detached from the public, and is free to do whatever they want without any need to explain or justify it.


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