With so much evidence showing that operations like Patriot Front and the Whitmer kidnapping are nothing but FBI plots, it’s time to expose BLM as just another fed-run group.

Tyler S. Farley

The evidence has become so strong in recent months that even the mainstream media has been forced to cover how the FBI is seemingly running every protest group in America.

From the recently exposed “Patriot Front” march in DC that drew chuckles from those in the media for just how staged the whole thing appeared to be. Not to mention the Twitter account that started the whole thing turned out to be fake and was exposed for it’s ties to liberal journalists. Then The Washington Post ran cover by claiming it was all a Patriot Front trick, not anything to do with the FBI.

Yeah, it’s really become that obvious that The Washington Post has to run stories telling people, “don’t worry, it’s not the FBI, trust us.”

Of course, I’m sure you remember the plot to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Whitmer. The media breathlessly covered the story for days as a warning to the growing dangers of “far-right” politics. But it was soon discovered the whole thing was an FBI plot. There were more undercover federal agents involved than actual kidnappers. The FBI drew up the whole thing and then tried to find some feeble-minded loners they could trick into playing along so they could use them as the fall guy.

The list goes on, but the FBI has pretty much been exposed for running every anti-government  protest group and plot out there in recent history.

So this begs the question, what about the most famous group of them all, BLM?

We all know Black Lives Matter seemingly sprang out of nowhere in 2015, just in time for the election where then candidate Trump and his followers were labeled as racist by the mainstream media.

It almost seemed too perfect. The entire media machine was set on casting Trump and his supporters as racist, and then a giant protest group known as BLM just happened to burst on the scene.

As you know, after the election, they soon mysteriously went dormant. That is until the election of 2020, when they suddenly jumped to the forefront again, just in time for another election cycle.

This time even bigger, and leading huge riots across the nation that lasted an entire summer. Riots that led to barely any prosecutions, suspiciously.

So here you have another protest group, which just appears out of nowhere just in time to reinforce the establishment narrative during a national election. An election where the FBI has been implicated for trying to remove President Trump from office through fake dossiers and intelligence reports. Then you have this group, BLM which just happens to spring out with almost no resistance from law enforcement as they burn down entire cities.

Does that sound organic to you?

Not really, in fact appears just as suspicious as the Patriot Fronts totally polished and movie-set ready costumes.

Truth is, BLM is almost assuredly a fed operation on some level, it’s just the media will never admit to it. Partly because they are part of it, but also because it serves their purpose.

Not only that, the media and even corporate America pushed BLM so hard, it would be impossible for them to admit the whole thing was likely a fed operation and they were duped.

So it seems strange the media is finally starting to acknowledge that some of these “far right” plots are actually FBI agents in disguise, but they refuse to believe that maybe the biggest group of them all, BLM, was just as fake and manufactured.


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