The Maxwell trial is meant to solidify Epstein’s image as a simple sex trafficker, instead of the sprawling intelligence operation that he represented.

Tyler S. Farley

With the Maxwell trial about to finish and the outcome likely to disappoint just about everyone, it should be clear what the real purpose of the trial was.

For starters, the trial has nothing to do with punishing Maxwell or trying to uncover what she was really up to. That’s why nothing exposed in the trial was anything we haven’t already heard. It was all old information that has been floating around for over a decade already. Nothing new was exposed, which should have been your first clue this was a show trial.

But next we come to what’s really going on here. The trial is simply the final step in tying up loose ends for an intelligence operation that has now been shut down after becoming too much of a liability.

The whole Maxwell trial was to serve a purpose, and that purpose was to cement the narrative that Epstein was a simple sex trafficker who supplied girls for wealthy perverts. But the truth is, Epstein was the tip of a huge intelligence operation that spanned all facets of government, business, and academic research.

Epstein’s tentacles reached so far into every elite circle that even Biologist Bret Weinstein commented that Epstein was aware of his own research he called Geometric Unity before it was even public, and contacted Weinstein to discuss it.

But it wasn’t just Weinstein. Top scientists from the most prestigious institutions were all aware of Epstein, and many were in contact with him. He would throw around promises of funding for all sorts of cutting edge research, and would often deliver on that promise.

That’s the real mystery of the Epstein story. Yes, we all know of his trafficking exploits, and those are definitely crimes. But in addition, he was part of something that is almost to large to even comprehend. There’s not one famous or influential person who doesn’t seem to be in at least one photo with Epstein or Maxwell..or both. From British Royalty to America’s top businessmen and politicians, all the way to world leaders.

It begs the question, just how large was this intelligence operation and who was running it? This is the question that nobody is really asking as they fixate on the more salacious details, which admittedly do deserve attention as well.

But these are answers we may never truly find. We all know Epstein died under mysterious circumstances, and the Maxwell trial is just a show to clean up the few loose ends still floating around. Something to put a pretty bow on things so the media can drop the story for good, leaving it relegated to yet another conspiracy-theory-come-true that is never really acknowledged.

So as the Maxwell trial winds down to what is almost assuredly going to be a disappointment, don’t be fooled by these masters of deception. This story is so much deeper than the trafficking angle, and the implications are almost too insane to even believe.

The truth is, intelligence operations are never really shut down, they just morph into a new operation. And somewhere there is a new Epstein attending the most elite parties and banquets with world leaders and business tycoons.

But what’s he luring them into his web with this time?


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