Hack writer for The Atlantic Rachel Gutman declares we are all living “in the age of Omicron”.

Tyler S. Farley

Considering the needlessly breathless article spit out by Rachel Gutman of The Atlantic, she may be so clueless as to not even know she’s working for a propaganda rag.

The Atlantic is a long time propaganda publication, similar to The Washington Post and New York Times in that literally everybody who follows the media knows it. This is why those publications have been reduced to offering their content for a measly $1 a month. They simply have to charge something or it would remove all doubt they are only around to spread propaganda and are in no way a truly functioning business that turns a profit.

Billionaires bought up these legacy properties years ago and only keep them around as a way to fuel their propaganda efforts. They don’t function as a business and never come close to turning a profit.

But besides all that, the propaganda was on full display last week when Rachel Gutman, in her piece titled “The pandemic of the vaccinated is here”, declared that we are now “living in the age of Omicron.”

Yes, you heard that right. About a week after it’s discovery, the lowly variant that barely gives people a cold with mild symptoms has already defined an entire era, or at least that’s according to Rachel Gutman.

I’m not sure if anyone could even come up with a more hyperbolic and overdramatic statement to define a variant that even the doctors that discovered it have said is very mild.

But that didn’t stop Rachel Gutman in her breathless article that went on to describe “super spreader” events that will now become the norm once again in this “age of Omicron”.

But wait, didn’t all the “super spreader” predictions never come true over the past two years? Clowns like Dr. Fauci and others swore up and down that every holiday and every gathering was sure to be a dreaded super spreader event. Yet it never happened. Nowhere that held large events was there ever a statistically relevant “super spreader” spike.

But if you want to punish yourself by reading her whole ridiculous article, you can do so here.

But let me save you the trouble because you’ve heard it all before. The threats of a “surge”. The fear of a “tsunami”. The talk of “overwhelmed hospitals.” Yes, all the buzzwords and canned phrases were packed in as tight as can be throughout the entire article.

Problem is, we’ve heard them all before. And this time the public has learned to ignore officials like Dr. Fauci and hack writers like Rachel Gutman.


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