The media has been so extremely pro-vaccine that even if people started dropping dead in the street from it, they would never cover the story. It will always remain a “conspiracy”.

Tyler S. Farley

I don’t have to tell many of you how the mainstream media has gone all-in on vaccines. Not only the news, but the entire media establishment, from social media, to the news, to celebrities and Hollywood. They’ve spent two years yelling at people to get the covid-19 vaccine.

They’ve used insults, threats, and shame to make anyone unvaccinated feel like a criminal, and those who did get vaccinated feel like heroes.

All of that is nothing new. But it creates a huge problem going forward and that’s the fact that there will never be any media coverage of any major vaccine side effect…Ever. It simply can’t happen. To do so, the media would have to accept responsibility and admit they might have been wrong. That’s something they’ll never do.

We all know the media is biased and their ideology is what drives their coverage, not the search for the truth. But even if that was the only issue, they might still turn on the vaccine and report on any side effects if it became advantageous for them to do so.

But since they were the main proponent of vaccines, they can never go back. They can never reverse course now no matter what the public opinion is.

You could easily argue that the media was actually the biggest driver of vaccine adoption. Even more so than government. Social media platforms specifically blocked and banned anyone who dared to question the vaccine. Even just mildly questioning the efficacy of the vaccine was grounds for a banning, let alone bringing up side effects.

Celebrities like Joe Rogan who mildly questioned the need of younger people to get vaccinated was attacked by virtually every  mainstream news outlet. So much so that he actually wondered aloud on his show if he should sue for defamation.

So with such a widespread, coordinated effort to push the vaccine, how could these outlets ever allow any negative story about the vaccine to every be told? The answer is simple, they never will.

As more and more information comes out, none of it will reach the mainstream airwaves. Instead, it will be forever relegated to a “conspiracy theory”. Even most doctors will be too afraid to admit what they are seeing out of fear. It will all be simply swept away as though it never happened.


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