Next month the government will change the way it calculates inflation. Yet, people still think that the notion of governments faking covid numbers is a “conspiracy”.

Tyler S. Farley

As historic inflation ravages the poor and middle class, so much so that literally every item people buy to survive is now more expensive, the government has announced their plan to fix it.

But as with most things involving a corrupt government, when there’s something that makes them look bad, they simply lie to cover it all up and tell you that you must be imagining things.

Inflation is the latest in that series of lies. The way inflation is already calculated at the moment produces a totally fake number. Housing was removed as part of the calculation in the 1980’s, despite housing being one of the biggest bills most people pay. Something that’s even more true today with housing costs going up 20% or more per year in almost every major city and surrounding suburb.

But now they need to make the phony inflation number even more phony, and the BLS has announced they are changing the calculation to include statistic form 2019-2020. The full adjustments haven’t been announced, but you would have to be an idiot not to see where this is going.

Although this is not totally unexpected, as governments always try to hide their failures by cooking the books, there is something more here people should consider.

If the government can so easily and so blatantly cook the books with something like inflation, something that impacts every American on a daily basis, why do some people still believe they wouldn’t cook the books on covid numbers?

If economic numbers can be cooked, why not numbers from the CDC?

Some may argue that the CDC is run by scientists, so they would never fudge the numbers. Well, economic numbers are run by PHD grads and scientists as well. There’s no difference here, they all serve the same master.

Not to mention the mountain of evidence we’ve seen for fake numbers ever since the pandemic started. From motorcycle deaths being counted as as covid deaths to the most recent stories about “hospitalizations” including anybody that simply tests positive while visiting a hospital, even if they are symptom free.

The truth is, all the numbers your government provides you are false. They control the numbers and they control the process of how those numbers are calculated. There is no system to call those numbers into question because all those paths run through the people that made up the numbers in the first place. The foxes are guarding the hen house.

So next month, when inflation magically improves, you’ll know why. But you should also wonder if any number you’ve heard from the government over the last 2 years is even real.


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