New normal? Christmas decorations replaced with boarded up windows and armed guards in fancy San Fransisco shopping malls.

Tyler S. Farley

When the pandemic started, the media along with progressive officials would often tell us of a new normal we all have to adapt to.

Sadly, at the time they left out the part about this “new normal” being mostly an explosion of crime that would impact every major city in ways never-before seen.

Normally, Christmas time would mean shops and businesses having their stores fully decked out with holiday decorations, lights, and Christmas trees.

But in San Fransisco, those things have all been replaced by boarded up windows and armed guards due to the rash of mob-style smash an grab robberies that have plagued the city in recent months.

First reported by Michael Shellenberer in the New York Post, a resident named Michelle Tandler posted holiday pictures of the “new” San Francisco that quickly went viral.

The photos show what looks like an abandoned part of Detroit or some other failed urban area. But when you look closer, you see the luxury brands of the stores and realize this is the ultra-expensive area of San Fransisco.

The elites in the media have often tried to downplay the explosion of crime that they helped to fuel by backing the extended lockdowns.

But now that the crime has come to their front porch, will they be forced to finally take a look in the mirror? Will they realize that their failed policies based on virtue-signalling now directly impacts them instead of just regular Americans?

Only time will tell, but as crime is increasingly moving towards the playgrounds of the wealthy elite, they wont’ be able to ignore it for long.


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