Imagine if 10 years ago I told you that to attend a pop concert, you would need 2 injections of a new drug and a negative test result.

Tyler S. Farley

Pop star Adele has a new single that is topping the charts and she has an upcoming residency planned in Las Vegas to perform a string of shows, with tickets on scalping sites running as high as $35,000.

But what makes this newsworthy other than the ridiculous ticket prices is just how restrictive the rules are in order to attend her concert.

In order to attend, one must be fully vaccinated, with proof (2 shots for now, but could be 3 very soon). In addition, attendees must also provide a negative covid test, which could cost hundreds of dollars depending on where the test is given and what type of test it is.

So for the low price of $35,oo0, you can be required to have 2 (maybe 3) shots and then also be required to pay hundreds of dollars for a covid test the day before attending the concert.

Sounds like a great deal, huh?

But what’s really crazy is that most of this is not considered crazy at all. In fact, it’s not really big news and people have mostly just shrugged and accepted it.

But here’s a little thought experiment. Imagine if 10 years ago I spelled out this exact scenario. I didn’t embellish at all. I simply told you that the government pushed through a new drug, one that had never been used before, and clinical trials lasted only a few months before being approved. Then I told you that in order to attend a pop concert, you were required to have two of these new injections, and also prove you were negative for a virus. This was all just to attend a pop concert that you paid $35,000 for.

What would you think?

You would most likely think that for all that to come true, the future would have to be some sort of a dystopian nightmare scenario. The planet was ravaged by viruses and only the wealthy could afford in-person entertainment and the hassles that go along with it.

Thing is, you’d be partially true about the wealthy people. But where is the planet ravaged by a pandemic? It doesn’t exist. People are fine, the world is fine, but we are living as if we are in a futuristic hellscape where a deadly virus is floating around every corner.

It’s just crazy that the type of madness we are seeing around attending pop concert being normalized to such a degree that nobody even bats an eye over it.

I suppose it just shows how quickly a population can be made to accept almost anything by their government, along with the consequences, no matter how crazy those things may have sounded just a few years ago.


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