If the government mandates you take a new drug and then refuses to release data about that drug for nearly 100 years, you may not live in a free country anymore.

Tyler S. Farley

Whether or not Americans actually live in a free country was debatable even before the pandemic.

Every aspect of our lives is tracked and surveilled. Our movement is tracked, our purchases are tracked, our money is tracked, and even our communications are spied on in a wholesale manner. So whatever freedom we still did cling to, it was fleeting at best.

But as we all know, the pandemic may have just been the death blow to that last shred of freedom and that fact is most well illustrated by news coming out of the FDA just today.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the FDA has now requested that they not be required to release the full covid-19 vaccine data until the year 2096.

Yes, almost a century from now. Well after everyone taking the vaccine at this point will most likely be dead.

On the surface, that should tell you everything you need to know about the safety of this vaccine. When the FDA treats the trial data like intelligence reports from the JFK assassinations and refuses to release them, it tends to make people a little suspicious.

Of course, the clown-world pro-vaxx media is explaining all this away by saying that’s just how long it takes to go through the documents and release them.

This is a preposterous and insulting explanation for one simple reason. If it takes nearly 100 years to go through the trial data to make it available for release, how did they go through it and approve the vaccine in a month to give it the FDA stamp of approval?

So the reasoning being given is obviously a lie, which leaves the only other logical option, which is they know the data contains many red flags regarding the safety of the vaccine and how the trials were conducted.

At this point, I don’t understand how anyone can not be in complete shock at this latest news. The government tried to force this vaccine on Americans through illegal mandates, and now they refuse to let those same Americans discover what they are being forcibly injected with.

It’s truly a nightmarish dystopian scenario that would have been impossible to imagine just a decade ago. Yet, here we are.

What makes this even worse is the simultaneous news that Pfizer and Biontech are both now announcing what amounts to a 6 shot regiment of vaccines to be considered “fully vaccinated”.

Will the government and private employers now amend their polices to require these 6 total shots, several of which will be a new formulation that once again is forced through the clinical trials and then the data hidden away for 100 years?

The answer seems clear and we have written about it on this site many times. If the government can force you to take an injection you don’t want, and now even refuse to let you see the data about that injection, you no longer live in a free country.

If this isn’t immediately reversed and the FDA forced to release all data in a timely fashion, then I fear America is lost forever.


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