With the public seemingly not buying into Omicron, expect the establishment to move to more forceful methods to keep the pandemic going.

Tyler S. Farley

The media launched Omicron into the public sphere with what can only be described as a full-on marketing blitz.

Despite being detected months ago, the media chose the Thanksgiving holiday here in America to launch it, a time when people would be huddled together and ripe for a breaking news story to dominate table conversation.

But there’s only problem. Most of the public is not buying into it. Perhaps it’s just overall pandemic fatigue or maybe a lot of those people who bought into the pandemic are now much more skeptical, although they’ll never admit it publicly.

Whatever the reason is, it’s clear that this latest variant isn’t getting nearly the traction that Delta did for most of the past year. That’s even with the Thanksgiving day media blitz.

The majority of the public just doesn’t care all that much. Most likely due to the fact that they have more pressing issues to deal with now, like rising costs for almost everything they need to buy.

But whatever is causing the public to mostly dismiss Omicron, it’s not all good news.

Just the fact that Omicron is being pushed so hard tells you that the establishment doesn’t want the pandemic to end just yet.

The new governor of New York made this fact readily apparent. Less than 24 hours after news broke, she immediately declared yet another state of emergency, granting herself more powers in the process. Mind you, nobody has even died from this new variant and doctors say the symptoms are the most mild they’ve seen yet.

Some European leaders have even declared Omicron as the start of covid-21, all within 24 hours of news breaking.

These are just two examples, but as I’m sure you have noticed, leaders around the world and here in America were quick to jump on the news. All proof that none of them are ready for the pandemic to end.

So what does that mean? Well, when the establishment can no longer drive the narrative with their puppets in the media, they generally have no choice but to turn to more forceful methods.

Nobody who is in charge is going to just let this all slip away once the public shows they are no longer that interested. Instead, expect them to double-down on the type of things we are seeing all through Europe and Australia. With crazed lockdowns enforced by police and military, along with vaccine passports and other measures.

Much of this has been avoided in America, but don’t think that will last long. President Biden (or whoever is controlling him) has already stated they are ready to fight this new variant head-on, and all policies are on the table according to his main advisor, Dr. Fauci.

The administration is already pushing boosters for all, despite the new variant most likely being able to avoid such an outdated vaccine by this point.

So yes, the public doesn’t really care, but those in charge still care deeply about the power they’ve gained and their plans for the future. Those plans involve more control over the everyday lives of people, and they can’t get that control without some state of emergency. So one way or the other, expect them make you start caring about Omicron, even you know it’s all nonsense.